Three Things Thursday

1.   We woke up yesterday morning and had no water.    It worked just fine Tuesday night.  We both took showers, ran the dishwasher… but Wednesday morning I turned on the tap to brush my teeth and… trickle trickle.  D checked outside, and the ground around our well pump was saturated.  Not cool.  We killed it at the breaker box and called around and luckily found someone who could come right out.  It turned out not to be as detrimental to the checking account or the lawn as I feared.  The pump itself was okay.  The pipe that suspended the pump had broken.  They only had to dig that one little spot to replace that pipe, which goes into the ground vertically, so it’s only about a 2-ft diameter mess.  Inconvenient?  Yes.  Catastrophic?  No.

2.   I learned a valuable lesson last night.  Bottles of red wine do not have to be dropped from a great height to shatter on a tile floor.  And red wine WILL stain grout.

3.   Brainstorm!  If you can’t bring a TV to the bike, bring the bike to a TV.

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