Races: I Can’t Register for Just One

I had a pretty severe case of race brain this weekend.  It all started with Adam and his Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K on Saturday.  I had been looking forward to that for a little while because I haven’t run a 5K since last March.  I wanted to see how much, if any, improvement I had made since then.  And with all these 5K thoughts floating around, I just couldn’t get the Cupid’s Chase out of my head.  It’s a 5K about half an hour from here that I did last year but that I had sworn off this year because they had nearly doubled their registration fee.  (It went from $20 in 2011 to $35 this year.)  But, dangit, I just really wanted to do that race!  So Friday night I bit the bullet and registered.

Having an actual 5K race with real, live people in two weeks, that made me change my mind about “racing” the FYTO5K.  So I decided to just turn my missed track workout from Tuesday into sort of a 5K on Saturday.  I warmed up for one mile, then did 800s (well, mostly 800s…there was one 1200 and one 0.60 mile) with 400 recovery intervals for a total or 3.1 miles.  I felt pretty good about that because even with my recovery intervals, my 3.1 time was 27:59, which is only eight seconds slower than my 5K PR from last year.  So now I’m pretty excited about getting a new PR at the Cupid’s Chase in a couple of weeks!

Now, for me, when that race bug bites, I can’t stop at just one.  I’ve had my eye on an October half for a little while but have been unsure about whether or not I wanted to register yet.  Well, the fee was scheduled to increase by $15 on 2/1, and then I JUST SO HAPPENED to come across a $15 coupon code for registration, so I am now also registered for this!

Woot!  That’s sure to keep my butt moving this summer!
And then I remembered that the mortgage payment is due on the 1st, so I stopped while I was ahead.

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