High Hopes vs. Lead Legs

Every now and then I have a spectacular run.  A run during which I feel light and fast, and it’s these runs that keep me hopeful that I can meet my time goals this spring.

And then I have runs like today.  It was the perfect day for a run.  Sunny, 40 degrees, less wind than we’ve had the last few days…  I was feeling great (okay, honestly, I was feeling fat–the result of too much birthday celebration this week) and looking forward to getting out there for my 10 miles.
And that lasted all of about… oooooohhhhhhh two miles or so.
I wasn’t enjoying it.  I could feel my face getting sunburned.  My iPod wasn’t playing the right songs.  People driving by were staring at me.  The wind was blowing from every direction.  My right Yurbud wouldn’t stay in.  My hands were so swollen I could barely move my fingers.  And my legs… dear God, my legs weighed 400 pounds.  Each.
WTF is going on with me and my long runs lately???
12/10 – Great 8 miles
12/17 – AWESOME 8 miles
12/24 – No long run this week.  Way too many other more important things going on.
12/31 – Mediocre 9 miles
1/7 – Had my ass kicked by a hilly 10 miles
1/15 – Sucktastic attempt at 10 miles (but I waved my white flag after 8)
I know it’s been three weeks since I had a cutback week, but honestly my weekly mileage is low anyway.  Take this week for example:
last Sunday – 30 min spin + strength
Monday – easy 5
Tuesday – skipped the 7 x 400 I had on my schedule because it was my birthday
Wednesday – 30 min spin + strength
Thursday – tempo 5
Friday – rest
Saturday – rest 
Sunday – 8
See?  18 miles and I’m toast?  Even skipping my track workout on Tuesday?  I just honestly don’t get why my long runs have gone continuously downhill the last month, or why I’m sore tonight after only running 8 miles today.  I didn’t get sore after either of last two times I ran 8, or even 9.  Maybe I’m not fully recovered from last week?  I’m serious, y’all, that was one hilly bitch.  I was sore for two days afterwards, but I felt like Monday’s easy 5 shook out any residual soreness.  And I felt GREAT on Thursday’s tempo 5…
I honestly just don’t know.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’m more than happy to listen.  I’ve got high hopes for this spring, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get these legs to cooperate.

7 thoughts on “High Hopes vs. Lead Legs

  1. I hate runs like that! Sometimes I call them my “pissy” runs (sorry for the language) because everything just makes me ANGRY!

    You aren't coming down with a cold, are you? I hope it's just a rest week that you needed and this week is better!


  2. Ugh! Sorry you had one of those runs. We all have them. I feel like sometimes I go through cycles where I'll have a whole bunch of shitty runs in the period of just a few weeks. I think a lot has to do with nutrition, adequate rest, and hydration. A wind that's coming at you from all directions doesn't help either.


  3. I am so sorry you had a bad run and are having problems with your long runs. You will get it done though. We all have bad runs, and we can all have more than one, thing is, you are still out there trying so you will succeed!


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