Luck of the Irish?

Okay, so I’m not Irish, but I sure am feelin’ lucky and this IS the SHAMROCK Marathon we’re talking about here…

A few weeks ago, the fabulous Amanda was doing a giveaway for an entry to the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon or Half-Marathon.  I entered the giveaway, as I so often do, and didn’t give it any more thought.  I never thought I’d actually stand a shot at winning!

Skip ahead a couple of weeks.  While I was in Virginia at the Richmond expo, we overheard the girls at the Shamrock Marathon booth telling people that the half would probably be sold by the end of the month.  We decided if we were going to run it, we’d better register quick!

So I registered.

Skip ahead a couple more weeks.  I see this comment from on one of my posts.

No freaking way!

After I finished kicking myself for already throwing down $101.50 to register, I checked with Michele and found out that she HADN’T registered yet.  So after a couple of emails with Amanda putting her in touch Michele, TAH-DAH and MERRY CHRISTMAS, MICHELE!  🙂

Let the race outfit planning commence…

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