21 Random Things

I was recently tagged by the famous GBA momof3 to post 21 random things about me.  MAN!  I struggled just coming up with seven when Kim tagged me just a few weeks ago!  But I thought long and hard and finally came up with these.  Way more than you ever cared to know about what makes me me.  Drumroll please…

1   I absolutely cannot stand to get my feet wet.  I’m not talking about in the shower or running in the rain or anything like that.  I’m talking about UNEXPECTED wet feet.  The quickest way to make me shout words that would make a sailor blush is to drop an ice cube in the kitchen floor and not pick it up.  Seriously, my toes are curling just thinking about stepping in that.

2   I am ticklish to the point of becoming violent. Screw water boarding.  Tickling is pure torture.

3.  I found my first gray hair when I was 15.

4.  I’m not real sure what my natural color is anymore.  My hair has been various shades of red, blonde, and brown ever since my sophomore year in high school.

5.  I used to play the clarinet and the alto sax.  Not to toot my own horn (pun intended) or anything, but I was really good at it.  I miss it a lot.

6.  Some people have a bucket list of things to do before they die.  I have a “destination” bucket list of places I want to go.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have to win the lottery to even make it to half of them.

7.  My elbows don’t straighten out all the way.

8.  Sometimes I really feel like I serve no purpose in life.  My job is thankless and unfulfilling, yet it can be all-consuming.  If I could quit and do absolutely anything in the world, it would be something to do with animal rescue and rehabilitation.  Animals touch my heart and soul in a way that no human can.

9.  We are child-free by choice.

10.  I’m kind of a hippie when it comes to certain things.  I recycle everything that I possibly can, buy secondhand when it’s a feasible option, and I cannot stand waste.  That totally negates the fact that I drive a gas-guzzling SUV, right?

11.  I have a cast-iron stomach.  I can eat whatever whenever and never have to worry about how it will affect my stomach during a run.  I never realized how fortunate I was until I talked to and read blogs by people who have to be very careful about this.  Or else.

12.  I do not tweet.

13.  I have trained for six half-marathons and one full marathon, and I have yet to lose or even have a blackened toenail.  Or a blister.

14.  I faint at the sight of blood.  Or even if I know there is blood around.  When I have blood drawn at the doctor’s office, I have to be lying on an exam table and they have to use an infant needle to keep me semi-conscious.

15.  I avoid watching, reading, or hearing the news at all costs.  I know the world sucks.  I don’t have to be reminded at noon, 6, and 10.

16.  I am almost 32 years old, and I still chase NyQuil with pickle juice to keep from gagging on the taste.  I figured this trick out on my own when I was a kid, and I still do it.  Works like a charm.

17.  I don’t have a crafty or creative bone in my body.

18.  I’ve had electrolysis done on my eyebrows.  It was expensive and it took about a year and a half, but it was totally worth it.  It money were no object, I would laser off every hair below my head.

19.  I’m a total grinch.  I would hibernate from Thanksgiving to the New Year if it were possible.

20.  Baseball is my sport of choice.  Basketball?  Hate it.  Football?  Meh…I can take it or leave it.  But the St. Louis Cardinals rock my world.

21.  I do not and will never again have a credit card.

Now the rules state that I’m supposed to tag 10 people to post their own 21 Random Things, but I always skip this part.  If you wanna play along, TAG, YOU’RE IT!

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