I’m calling a mulligan on yesterday’s “long” run and erasing it from memory completely.  Since the longest I’ve run is seven miles and have St. Jude coming up in two weeks, I had planned to do nine this weekend, 11 next weekend, and then the half the next weekend.  Well, I set out for nine Saturday afternoon and it sucked.  S-U-C-K-E-D, SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!  It was almost 70 degrees, which I didn’t realize when I left the house, so I was overdressed and HOT, and holy shit was it windy.  Like 20 MPH sustained winds with 35 MPH gusts.  It wasn’t so bad when they were cross winds, but for the last 3.5 miles as I headed home I was running dead into it.  And every time I met an oncoming car, it nearly blew me off the road.  It wore my butt out.  There was once I looked down and was running at nearly a 12:00 pace.  DOWNHILL.  That was about when I said, “Eff this!” and cut it a mile short to eight and walked home.

So!  This week instead of doing four- and five-mile runs in the evenings like I have been, I think I’ll kick it up to six miles and try for ten or eleven on Saturday.  I’m just gonna completely pretend like yesterday never happened.  I know it’s not indicative of my fitness level because I’ve been running my midweek runs as fast as and faster than I was before I basically sat out the summer.  While I still don’t expect my performance in Memphis to be anything short of laughable, I just don’t want to be miserable for the last five miles.  The next two weeks are all about doing what I can to keep that from happening.  And I’m more than open to any advice on two-week half-marathon training plans.

6 thoughts on “Mulligan

  1. My advice is to do what you're doing – don't stress about this run. Your body doesn't log pace, it logs effort. And you clearly worked your ass off on that run. So you'll get all the training benefits from it. No matter how long it took you.


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