Three Things Thursday

1.   I had a funny dream Tuesday night.  Well, the dream itself wasn’t funny.  It was downright scary.  I dreamed I was being held at knifepoint.  The funny part came when I woke up to find the reason for the dream.  My cat was asleep on my pillow beside my head, and one of her claws was digging into my throat.

2.   I don’t know what I’m more excited about watching on TV tonight:  Game 6 of the World Series or the new Beavis and Butthead episode.

3   My dryer is making funny noises.  I hope this means it’s dying.  I’ve been wanting a new washer and dryer for AGES but have refused to spend the money as long as the ones I’ve got are still working.  Why is that always how it works?  I feel pretty certain that If I weren’t wishing death on it, it would have gone out years ago.

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