Track Envy

I follow quite a few running blogs.  I have for quite some time.  During that time, I have seen several photos of the tracks that you guys run on, and I can’t help but be jealous.  Most of your photos look like this:

So today while I was at my local high school’s track, I thought I’d snap a few pictures just to show you guys how good you have it!

Track?  Or obstacle course?

Track etiquette says runners have the inside lanes.  Yeah… about that…

And speaking of lanes, I’m PRETTY SURE there are supposed to be lines somewhere out there…

Caution:  Uneven lanes

Watch your step

And again

Aaaaaand again

Pretty sad, huh?

9 thoughts on “Track Envy

  1. Laura, it's just straight-up asphalt. It's pathetic. Around here, everything is FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL (they are ranked #1 Class 5A in the state right now) while everything else is crapped on. The high school even has a track team. If I were on it, or if I had kids that were on it, I would be pitching one HELL of a fit.


  2. I've run on a couple tracks around me. One is at a high school near where I work, and one is (also) at a high school near where I live. The one near my house is also an obstacle course. And they are both completely muddy all winter long. I'm totally with you on the track envy!


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