The Taste of Compassion

Last night my sister came up to hang out, and we spent the vast majority of the evening in the kitchen.  Game 3 of the World Series was gonna be on, and that made for the perfect excuse to try a couple of vegan finger food recipes that I’ve been wanting to try. Kim isn’t vegetarian or vegan, but unlike my husband, she isn’t scared of a vegetable, so she earned the distinct privilege of being my guinea pig last night.

First up, we made some hummus and guacamole.  Those were nothing new, but we just needed something to munch on while we made everything else.  🙂

By the time we left of the kitchen, we (and by we, I mean I) had made the most awesome quesadillas (again, nothing new but I just wanted some veggie quesadillas!) …

A work in progress–sauteeing the peppers, onion, and spinach

my new favorite finger food–potato angels!  They’re a vegan alternative to deviled eggs…

and vegan hot wings
I was a little skeptical about these because I friggin’ looooooooooooooove me some chicken wings.  I just didn’t know how well a vegan version would fly with me.  But they were not half bad at all!  I’ll use a bolder sauce next time, but other than that they were really pretty good.  (confession:  These did end up losing their veganity because I dipped them in blue cheese dip.  Some things are still sacred, ya know.)
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for vegan versions of various things that I used to enjoy as a carnivore.  At first I was disappointed because when I would find a recipe, it almost always would say somewhere in it, “This tastes just like the real thing!”  Well, you know what?  It never does. There are things that might taste similar, but it never tastes “just like!” what it is being made to mimic.  And I’ve come to accept that it’s perfectly okay.  
Compassion has its own flavor, and it DOESN’T taste like meat.

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