Three Things Thursday

1.   I am HATING myself for not running RnR St. Louis this weekend.  I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, and in case you missed it, they are in the World Series.  Even though they will be playing in Texas this weekend, I can guarantee that city will still be rocking.  It would have been a heck of a good time.

2.   Everybody needs earrings for Halloween, and my friend Shelly makes some awesome ones.  You should totally check out her etsy site.  She makes way more than Halloween stuff (Anything you could possibly want, really.  Even custom stuff.), but I’m loving these right now.  I bought a pair of each!  (And a pair of the spidery ones for my sister!)

“Canaima” – For the obviously Halloweeny look

“Jack” – For the more subtle fall look

3.   I started Christmas shopping this week.  I bought two things, and they are for people I usually have NO idea how to shop for.  I always say I’m gonna get an earlier start on the shopping, but I think this year is the first year I’ve actually done it.  I’m very happy to have two of my most difficult ones crossed off my list already!

6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. You've already bought Christmas presents?! Ha! I'm the person that says things like, “Why is there already Christmas stuff out at the stores?? It's not even Halloween yet! Who is buying this stuff?!” Well, now I know.

    (Feel free to give me crap when everything's sold out two days before Christmas and I'm still not done shopping.)


  2. Don't be hard on yourself, you will knock it out of the park with your next one. It just wasn't in the stars at the moment.
    CUTE earrings! I will be purchasing some of these.
    Christmas shopping…you are a brat.


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