Catch up – Bullet style!

  • I am still alive.
  • Work still sucks, but at least I still have a job.  I finally got my sub hired and trained and took Friday off.  It was my first day off in waaaaaaaaaaay too long.
  • For two months I have been neglecting the old bloggaroo, neither posting nor reading/commenting.  It was just too depressing.  I haven’t been in the best mental state lately, and it was depressing for me to read about all of your successes (Hey, I never claimed to be a good sport), and depressing for me to write about all of my failures.  So I did neither.
  • I did not get to take the beach vacation that I was supposed to take in early September.
  • I did not run the half-marathon in Clarksville I was supposed to have run Saturday.
  • I will not be running the half-marathon in Clarksville I was supposed to be running next Saturday.
  • I will not be running the half-marathon in St. Louis I was supposed to be running on 10/23.
  • I only have myself to blame for the previous three bullets.
  • I ran 16 miles in September.  It was my lowest low point (emotionally and mileage-wise), but my spirits and my mileage are now both on the rise.
  • My speed and stamina have taken a major hit.  (DUH!  That tends to happen when you don’t run.)
  • I’ve got four weeks to get 10K ready.
  • I’ve got eight weeks to get half-marathon ready.
  • I’ve thrown my hopes for a PR at either distance out the window.
  • My focus for now is on the shorter distance. My HM running partner for St. Jude has run into her own training barriers, so we plan to “run” for fun only. I’ve got all winter long to get PR-ready for the HM distance in the spring.
  • I found a home for my foster kitten that I posted about (which I took deleted because it was just too depressing), and she is doing wonderfully with her new forever family.
  • I am SUPER excited about a trip that I have coming up!  I’m flying to VA to visit my awesome friend Michele next month.  *Insert squeals and clapping here*
  • While I’m there, we will be trekking down to Richmond so that she can slaughter the Richmond half-marathon while her son and I act as her official race crew.  *Insert more squeals and clapping here*
  • I have stuck with the whole vegetarian thing (with some very vegan tendencies) since I went veg on 7/9 and haven’t looked back.  I freakin’ love it.

Aaaaaand, I guess that’s pretty much it.  And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some catching up to do on all of your blogs too!

15 thoughts on “Catch up – Bullet style!

  1. 1. Glad you are alive!

    2. We all go through slumps… it is how you recover that REALLY counts.

    3. Biotch… I will be running Richmond marathon… you better find me to say hi!

    4. Seriously, its good to post about failures… how else can we build you up? Take it slow and it will come back to you… it ALWAYS does! 😉


  2. Glad you're back! I've missed your blog even though I text you almost every single day!

    BTW, the last bullets about your visit made me very happy, I smiled from ear to ear! I'm glad to have my own official race crew!!! You have no idea how much that means to me!!

    See ya soon, and keep on blogging!!!!!


  3. I'm sorry that life's been in the shitter, but it sounds like things are looking up. I missed you! (and I was so excited to see a comment form you today!)

    Hopefully the crappy stuff is all in the past and it's all UP from here on out!


  4. If anyone understands the 'kind of hard to write a running blog when you're not running' thing it's me. Believe me. I've been doing the exact same thing. And I totally understand how depressing it is to read about everyone else's awesome running experiences when you don't have any of your own. I finally just marked everything as read in my reader and started fresh.

    Glad to hear you're still alive!


  5. i'm glad you are alive!!! the funny thing about running is when you don't wanna do it, it sounds like the most horrible thing… but that's usually when you need it mentally the most!! hate to hear you had a rough month, but that means it can just go up.


  6. welcome back!!!! It sounds like things have been busy, but now you are ready to get back to the fun stuff. i went through a period like that this summer ok for like 10 months i worked 80 hours a week and now I”m happy to have life back!


  7. Welcome back……actually I just found you so nice to meet you! Haha.

    Love the bullet point blog. Sometimes we just need bullet points right???

    I took a SERIOUS break in August from blogging (well everything). Totally know how ya feel.

    Get Up & Go


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