Tuesday Tidbits

  • I’m tired of talking about how hot it is.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  This was taken at 7:00 pm yesterday.  When I finished running four slooooow miles at 8:30, the heat index was still 111.
  • I have way too much fun trying on clothes in Dick’s.  No, I did NOT buy them.  I just had to show them to Amanda!  I did get the shirt on clearance for $9.
  • We went with friends Saturday night to Jazz on the Lawn at Beachaven Winery in Clarksville.  It was fantastic!  The hangover was not.  I may or may not have slept approximately 14 hours that night.
  • The one thing I’m the most bummed about having to give up as a vegetarian was a complete surprise.  McDonald’s french fries.  I never eat there, but D does all the time, and I always steal some of his fries.  As disgusting as McDonalds is, their fries are freaking delicious.  But did you know the potatoes have beef powder added to them before they are frozen and sent to the restaurants?  I sure as hell didn’t.  I knew animal products hid in some strange places (marshmallows, Jello, teeth whitening strips…), but potatoes???  Ugh.
  • I have also learned that refried beans aren’t all vegetarian friendly as they are often made using lard.  I’ll have to ask at my favorite Mexican joint how theirs are made.  IF I can find someone who speaks English well enough to understand me.
  • I have eaten two cucumbers off of my plants, and they are awesome.  And I FINALLY have two little bitty baby green tomatoes and lots of teeny tiny sweet peppers coming out.  Just when I was about ready to give up on it all.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. You are making me jealous, my tomatoes haven't made it to the apartment yet. I have a tomato that's almost ripe too and I might miss out on it! I'm proud of you going vegetarian and learning the ins and outs, I would love to do it but don't know how I would give up the convenience of some food.


  2. ohhhhh…I rarely eat McDonald's, but when I do French Fries are a must. I can see where weird things would slip into your food – I wouldn't think to check about most things…crest white strips?


  3. Even the sun on the photo of temp update LOOKS like a blazing inferno. Can't live with it at times, but would be a real bitch without it. Stay cool, young lady…
    Is this a skirt or shorts? You are just dang cute, my yeti-ish self can't hang with such attire.
    We have some blooms on our little mater plants, stoked! Mountain growing can be harsh.


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