Last Meal

I made this a few nights ago.

And YES I scorch the cheese on purpose.  I looooove burned cheese.
I may not be Paula Deen, but I can make one badass meat lasagna.  If I knew that my next meal would be my last one, it would probably be my lasagna.  And this week, it WAS a last meal of sorts.  It was my last carnivorous meal.  I was tired of thinking about it and talking about it.  I decided to just DO it already.
I am now a vegetarian.  And I’m pretty darn excited about it.

13 thoughts on “Last Meal

  1. Not. Ready. It's not that I LOVE meat — kind of gag talking about it, actually — it's that I have just figured out how to eat/ fuel up for running WITH meat/ protein and I don't currently have the energy to reprogram. Would love it if you would share some yummy high protein meals!


  2. Congrats! I went pescetarian for a month last year and really enjoyed it. It isn't difficult to follow a vegetarian lifestyle! I hope you enjoyed your last meal 🙂


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