2011 Goals – a Mid-Year Check-in

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, POOF, 2011 is half gone.  I had set some goals for myself this year, so let’s just see how they’re coming along, shall we?

#1 – Be happy and reduce stress.  I’ve done what I can, but honestly as long as I work for the USPS life is gonna suck just a little bit.  They’re going to make damn sure of that.

#2 – Decrease meat and animal product consumption.  I’ve done well in this area.  I’m actually THISCLOSE to going full-on vegetarian.  I’m even taking my own “phony burgers” (as my mom called them yesterday) to the family BBQ tomorrow!  Aside from the couple of bites of chicken fingers I swiped from D’s plate last night (it doesn’t count if it comes from someone else’s plate, right?), the only meat I had at all last week was in the spaghetti I made last Sunday.  And although I am not pursuing veganism, I have drastically cut down my consumption of milk.  The taste of almond milk blows cow’s milk away.

#3 – Decrease unnecessary spending.  I’ve done well here, too.  More out of necessity than desire.  It’s been a rough year financially, so I haven’t had the fun money to blow on unnecessary things.  Even still, the only new clothing items I’ve bought have been the dress that I had to buy to wear to a wedding (I honestly had NOTHING in my closet that I could wear.) and work clothes.  And I really don’t count the work clothes, because if I’m buying something that I WANT to buy, you can bet your ass it won’t have the postal logo anywhere on it.

#4 – Run 1,000 miles.  Now where did I put that big red FAIL stamp… Not even close.  I will surpass last year’s mileage of 710.3, but I will have to put that 1,000 off until 2012.

#5 – Do more cross- and strength-training.  I’ve done BETTER here but still lots of room for improvement,  especially with regards to strength training.

#6 – Work on speed in 5K and HM distances (sub-2:10 half).   I’ll give myself a passing grade on this one. I haven’t been as faithful with a track regimen as I should be, and I plan to remedy that going into this training cycle.  However, I did get myself below a 9:00 min/mile in the 5K (8:58 to be exact), and I’m halfway to my HM goal.  When I set that goal, my PR was 2:21:13.  It is now 2:15:28.  I feel confident hopeful that I’ll see that 2:0X:XX this fall.

So bring on the second half of 2011!  Have a safe and Happy Fourth, everyone!

8 thoughts on “2011 Goals – a Mid-Year Check-in

  1. It seems like you've done an excellent job with your goals so far this year! Autumn is the best time for PR (or so they say… my hm PR is still from a summer race two years ago), and I'm going for one in my October marathon.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my last post! I hope you continue to enjoy the HP series! In my opinion, the third book is when they start to get really good, and 5, 6, and 7 are just incredible!


  2. #1 Jobs just really get in the way of peace.
    #2 Good job!
    #3 Danged IRS, the dress was lovely and necessary.
    #4 Keep runnin', even if it's not 1000. You've still got 1/2 left, young lady.
    #6 You will burn it down!
    Happy 4th to you and D!


  3. Happy 4th Pam! You've made some great progress here and I enjoyed hearing about it. I've almost made it to the whole vegetarian thing and then I end up slipping and getting stuck in old habits again. I do believe it is the way to go though. Good luck!


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