It Ain’t Purple, but…

Meet my new ride!!!  Well, she’s not my ride yet.  She’s still a little gimpy right now.
I’ve been looking for an H3 for a little while now, and since I wasn’t able to get the one I REALLY wanted, I went with my second choice–blue!  We found this one at a car sale in Massachusetts last week for a KILLER price.  Because the other side looks like this:

The wrap kind of camouflages the damage in this photo (The lady that owned it was a real estate agent and had an advertisement wrap for her business on the truck.), but trust me it’s there.  It will need a new driver’s side back door, a new nerf bar, a new black rubber piece that runs under the door, and a new leaf spring (whatever the hell that is–it’s what the hubs says) and it’ll be ready to roll!  D’s thing is body work (in addition to computers and mechanical work and electrical stuff and… well you name it and he can do it and do it and do it perfectly.  It’s kind of sickening actually.), so he will be doing the repairs himself, saving us the cost of labor, so we’re going to have a ridiculously small amount of money in a 2006 H3 with 46,000 miles.  About half of its NADA book value.  Can’t beat that!
D’s an old pro at this car sale stuff.  He used to turn around a couple of Corvettes each month, buying them wrecked, fixing them, and selling them.  He knows it’s a gamble when you buy them at a sale when all you’ve seen is photos and read another person’s description of the damage.  Sometimes it’s not as bad as it looks; other times it’s worse.  We fell into the first category this time.  And BONUS (not mentioned in the sale terms), it’s FULLY loaded and even has a kickass stereo system in it.  Oh, and a brand new set of tires.  The only thing left that I really want to do to it is tint the front windows and get some new wheels.  But that stuff can wait.  First priority is getting her road ready!

12 thoughts on “It Ain’t Purple, but…

  1. 22″!!!!!!!

    I refuse to look at any more pictures of it until it has dubs.

    That is pretty cool that D does that. My little bro used to be in body work, it is an art for sure. Not to mention the fact that vettes are all fiberglass which is a pain in the ass to work with! (I restored a few cars while in hs/college but am TOTALLY out of practice now).

    Enjoy it!


  2. Hi Pam! Holy cow! You are going to look freaking cool driving that around town!! I love the color:) Hope you are doing well and life is treating you good! Take care Lady!


  3. OMGOODNESS! I already can't stand you because you can run farther than to the refrigerator, and now you have my dream vehicle!!!!! Seriously, congrats and have fun with it!


  4. Pammy! LOL! Just read your comment on college boy and him needing a haircut! I totally agree! He is going to a country fest…Wee Fest and wants his hair long for that. He has been growing it out because he thinks it will be so freaking funny! Anyway, he did it last year and got it cut super short after. Thank God! He calls it the flow and everyone loves it but you and me:) Very funny! Thanks for making me smile today Pam!


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