Tuesday Tidbits

  • Blogger still hasn’t fixed their issue with embedded comments.  Jamoosh explained his post here that it’s only limited to certain browsers.  So if you find yourself missing out on comments (namely, mine!), change from the embedded comment format to pop-up or full-page.
  • If you don’t want to change your comment format, please at least put your email address somewhere on your blog or add it to your profile so that when you comment on MY blog, I can reply directly to you!  There are a few of you I haven’t been able to talk to at all these past couple of weeks because I can’t comment on your blog, there’s no email address listed anywhere, and I get the “no reply” email address when I try to reply to your comments!  Blogger is not a good way of keeping in touch these days.  If you want to contact me, my email is in the upper right sidebar, or find me on Facebook (Pam Yarbrough French).
  • We are currently on our way to the mountains.  Our nephew is getting married tomorrow at a place called Almost Heaven.  A neice graduating high school… a nephew getting married… I’m getting old.
  • We didn’t do anything for Memorial Day.  Nothing at all.  The family usually has a big cookout, but everyone else left for the mountains yesterday morning.  It was just us here, and we spent the day cleaning, working in the yard, doing laundry, and packing.  My hamstrings, especially my right one, are SO SORE today from all the squatting and stopping pulling grass from the landscaping.
  • The wedding ceremony tomorrow is an outdoor ceremony.  I hope the weather cooperates.  And I started doping up on Zyrtec yesterday so I don’t have swollen, bloodshot eyes in all the photos.
  • I’ve lived in TN for all of my 31 years, and this is my first time in Gatlinburg.
  • I already miss my animals.
  • I’m kinda starting to look into this whole couponing business.  I’ve never really gotten into it before.  I’d use a coupon if I stumbled across one for something that I use, but I’ve never really sought them out.  I’ve been under the misconception that they were only for processed and junk foods.  I’m learning that’s not the case.  Yeah, there are lots of those out there, but there are lots of others too.  And I’m learning that you don’t always have to clip actual coupons to get the deals.  I worked the sales ad at Walgreens Saturday.  I went in the store with only one $1 coupon, and between that coupon and rolling Register Rewards, I only paid out $11 and change for almost $30 worth of merchandise.  (Toilet bowl cleaner, Listerine, shave gel, contact lens solution, a pair of scissors [because I can never find mine!  I’m hiding these from D.], body wash, and I know I’m forgetting stuff…)  All things I needed and all brand names I use anyway and I only paid about 35% of retail.  And all it took was a few minutes to look over the sales ad and a little creative thinking and math at the checkout counter.  (I had to have the checkout guy ring it up in three separate transactions to make it work.)  I’m hooked.  I’ll never be one of those crazy ladies on Extreme Couponing, stockpiling crap in every corner of my house, but if I can save a few dollars here and there, awesome.
  • Small dogs piss me off.  Or I guess more accurately I should say most owners of small dogs piss me off.  Saturday morning I took Bella and Harley with me to run a few errands, and we stopped by the park to walk a couple of laps while we were out.  I think every Shih-Tzu and Yorkie in the county was there.  Every. single. time. we would pass one on the trail, it would start yipping and yapping and some even snapped at my dogs, who could, if they cared to, eat a Yorkie for a snack.  Their owners were all, “Awwww, look at little Fifi.  She thinks she’s tough.”  I don’t care how small your dog is.  If it’s snapping at other dogs, you need to get your shit under control.  Small size does not excuse bad behavior.  I was super proud of mine for not reacting when they were snapped and lunged at.  And super proud of me and D for training them so well.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Thank you for the comment fix!!!! I changed my blog now, too. What a pain in the butt that's been!

    I have a yorkie, and I completely agree with you. She can sometimes be temperamental, so I'll scoop her up or do whatever I have to control her if she starts getting testy. I don't know why people would be ok with their own small dog getting hurt?!?!


  2. I soooooooo agree about stupid yappy dogs. For whatEVER reason, the owners here think it's okay to bring them EVERYWHERE – Target, Costco, the MALL. WHY would you even do that!? I was losing my mind yesterday trying to figure it out while I was shopping.

    Have fun at the wedding!!


  3. Thanks for the comment/blog help, not that you have to comment on it, but I changed it!
    Hope that the trip is a good one and the allergies stay at bay.
    Little dogs, yeah, just not for me. They have the equivilant of short-man syndrome for dogs in many cases.
    LOVE coupons!


  4. Next time you are faced with a little “ankle biter”, tell the owner you will allow your dog to defend themselves. Usually gets them to pull theirs away. Maybe this only works with my Rottie… Have a fun trip!


  5. Hope you had a good trip!!

    You said “A neice graduating high school… a nephew getting married… I'm getting old.”…just wait until they start having kids…my oldest great-niece is 15…I have a total of 6 great-nieces & 2 great-nephews…talk about feel old!!!!!


  6. What is it about yardwork that makes the ass muscles hurt!? I did a lot of that this weekend and thought that I was going to die every time that I sat down on the toliet for days afterwards


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