The Color Purple

I found it, y’all.  I found my dream truck.  A guy came last week to look at my car and drove it home that day, so me and D have been tearing the internet up trying to find me an H3.

Yesterday we found this one on eBay Motors.

Picture a 31-year-old girl jumping up and down and squealing because, yeah, that was me.  I was IN. LOVE.

But, alas, the bidding went higher than I was willing to, by about $4,500.  It ended just a few hours ago, and I have been pouting ever since.  I shouldn’t be surprised it went so high.  That’s a custom paint job (obviously), those aren’t cheap wheels, and it even had a custom stereo system with a killer speaker box in the back painted to match the truck.

D hasn’t done a very good job hiding his complete lack of disappointment.  He did NOT want me to get it.  He wants to be able to drive whatever I get, and he wouldn’t be caught dead driving a girly purple Hummer!

So the search goes on…

6 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. So glad you sold your 'vette so easily! I'm laughing about the purple H3 – well, more laughing at your husband's reaction to it, hehe. You'll find the truck of your dreams…

    (I switched to pop up comments until blogger pulls its head out of its ass. Thanks for the email!!)


  2. Wow that it was pimped out hummer!! Good luck on finding your dream car. For some reason I was online looking up Harleys today. haha. I should probably learn how to drive a stick shift first.


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