Tuesday Tidbits

  • I went shopping Saturday.  Talk about aggravating!  It took me forever to find a dress that was both wedding appropriate and my size.  I found lots of cute dresses, but finding one in my size proved to be a challenge.  I wear a 4, and everything I found that I liked was only available in a size 8 or bigger.  Then I finally found this one.  Cute, no? 


Ignore the bunchiness around the waist.  It wasn’t zipped in this picture.  And I don’t know what’s up with the coloring.  My legs aren’t actually any darker than the rest of me.
  • I just started reading Harry Potter.  I’m only, what, like 15 years behind?
  • I registered for the St. Jude half this past Friday.  It’s official now.  Entry paid and hotel booked.
  • My sister (remember I told you a few weeks ago that she’s doing the Couch to 5K program?) ran her first nonstop mile yesterday!  HUGE milestone!  YAY!
  • Speaking of milestones, my niece is graduating from high school Friday night.
  • So is a cousin.  And I need opinions on this.  What is an appropriate monetary gift for a cousin’s kid that you only see at Christmas?  Am I the only one that thinks it’s tacky for kids (or I should say their parents) to send graduation invitations (a.k.a. graduation gift requests) to every Tom, Dick, and Harry? 
  • C.C. (the cat) has a vet appointment Thursday afternoon.  She’s getting on up in years (almost 12), and I think she’s got some arthritis going on.  I’ve noticed her limping, some days worse than others, and if the house is real quiet sometimes I can hear a clicking coming from her hip area when she’s walking.
  • I’ve got an appointment that day too.  With a dermatologist.  I’ve had it with these breakouts. 
  • I bought a used bicycle for $20.  I don’t know crap about bicycles except that they are cheaper on gas than Tahoes.  I figure if I ride it the three miles to town more than a couple of times, it’s paid for itself.  But before I do that, I have to D has to put a new chain and new tires on it.  And if I can find a used one cheap enough, I may buy a trainer.
  • I’m pretty aggravated with work.  I’m short-handed, and I CANNOT find any help.  I thought I had found someone.  I interviewed, made my selection, he went for the drug test, passed the background check, and he was scheduled for his initial road test last week.  The day he was scheduled to take it, he called me and withdrew.  So I’m back to square one, exactly where I was at the beginning of March.  Nothing like wasting two months and a buttload of paperwork.
  • D told me today he thinks he has an ingrown eyelash.  I thought he was crazy.  Then I googled it.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. The dress is SO cute! You look great.

    Here's my two-minute rant: work ethic ain't what it used to be! What's with the young folks now?? Glad I work for myself and don't have to depend on that kind of nonsense!


  2. 1. The dress is super cute.
    2. Screw you and your poor little size 4. I tried to buy shorts the other day and apparently stores don't make size 14. I need to lose this baby weight ASAP or I'll have to go naked.
    3. Nice job on the bike! Enjoy! Does it disturb you that the new chain may cost more than the bike itself?


  3. I love the dress! I also love Harry Potter! I hope you enjoy them!

    I will chime in with the $20ish dollar chorus. If your cousin is going to college, maybe a gift certificate to amazon would be good for buying books for school.


  4. Cute dress. I have the same problem finding size 4's… Although the “screw you” comment above made me laugh. I have a friend who can pretty much only shop at Ann Taylor and White House Black Market because she wears a 0. Boo hoo! 😉

    I'll agree with the $20 on graduation. Or even just a card to acknowledge the milestone if you really don't see/speak to the graduate much.


  5. I have 3 high school graduations this week. Two of them are my boyfriend's cousin's kids and one is his half-sister.
    I am doing $25 for the cousins and $100 for the sister.
    I personally think presents/money are tacky when it comes to any celebrations. All I want during holidays/celebrations is just to get together and eat and spend time.


  6. Love the dress! I can't figure out who they're making clothes for. I don't know anyone who can easily find things that fit!

    I'll concur with the gift certificate/$20 people on the graduation gift. Thankfully, I'm not on any of those lists yet.


  7. 1. adorable dress! 2. i want to run st jude!! 3. i'm super jealous of the bike deal you snagged! that's about all i'd be willing to pay for a bike, hahaa 4. i love it when my friends/family start getting interested in running!


  8. Graduation money is totally for kids, but $20 seems appropriate.

    Poor kitty. 😦

    The dress is awesome. I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks & am having the damndest time finding a dress that fits me as well! Ugh.

    My, you've been busy.


  9. I like how you did this post! Let's see if I can remember everything I wanted to comment on…

    1) You're going to LOVE Harry Potter! And if you don't, you're crazy.

    2) My parents have so many brothers and sisters that we don't get presents for any aunts, uncles or first cousins for any reason. So, based on my experience, I would say $0.

    3) I'll work for you. I'm kind of sick of my job…is living in California going to be a problem?


  10. Dress = awesome…I usually have the opposite problem with trying clothes on.
    I just read Harry Potter last year and dug them, but also felt as though I was the last person on the planet to read them.
    The invitation thing is a hard one…if you guys are strapped for cash, I'd just say send a nice card and a congrats.
    Hope that CC's appoinment goes okay.


  11. You know what's sad? Having breakouts AND wrinkles. Ugh.

    You are going to love Harry Potter, wait to read them all before you see the movies. They're good too.

    Cute dress!


  12. Ingrown eyelash. Must be painful. HP is so good. I'd re-read them if I didn't already have so many other books I want to read. Congrats to your sister!! $10 for grad tops I say. Love the dress!


  13. Cool dress! But, either I'm drunk or you took it during an earthquake because it is a bit on the fuzzy side (i'm guessing I'm drunk).

    Harry Potter, eh? The movies are pretty good. 🙂


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