There Was No Wine

My relaxing night at home chilling out and drinking wine turned out to be not so much so.  I got held up at work and only beat D home by about an hour, so I did get an hour to sit down and catch up on a few blogs, then we headed to the rehab place to see his grandmother.  All in all she looked good.  She’s very down and is very ready to come home, but physically she’s doing as well as can be expected.  But there were some things that were concerning to me.  D’s mom had mentioned that while she was at St. Thomas she had been confused about a lot of things.  I had told her not to worry about it. She had been in and out of consciousness for two weeks–OF COURSE she was going to be confused and a little disoriented about time and place.  But now she hasn’t been sedated at all in about two weeks, and I could see exactly what my mother-in-law was talking about.  Here’s one good for-instance from last night:

Me:  Have you seen Michelle here?  (Michelle is D’s cousin’s wife that works at that rehab facility.  Granny knew this as well as I do.)
Granny:  No, they haven’t been by.
Me:  I mean has she been in to see you while she was working?
Granny:  She works here?
Me:  Yes, Chris’s wife, Michelle.  She works here.
Granny:  I didn’t know that.

Subject changes… a few minutes later:

Granny:  Did you tell me Michelle works here?
Me:  Yep, she sure does.
Granny:  I thought so.

Again, a few minutes later:

Granny:  Doesn’t Michelle work here?
Me:  Yep.
Granny:  I think Faye works here too.
Me:  Who’s Faye?
Granny:  Dewayne’s wife.
Me:  *confused and thinking she’s referring to another Dewayne besides my husband*  Who’s Dewayne?
Granny:  *shaking head*  No, not Dewayne.  I mean Chris.  Chris’s wife.
Me:  You mean Michelle?
Granny:  Yeah, Michelle.  I think she works here too.

I’m just kind of floored because this is NOT LIKE GRANNY AT ALL.  I’m telling you, this woman is SHARP.  I just pray to God that it’s a medication that is causing all the confusion as a side effect or something.

Anyway, we spent a good long while visiting there, came home and ate a quick supper, then I had to run back up there to take her a big, fluffy blanket of mine because she said she froze to death all the night before.  It was HOT in there to me, but she said the blood thinners she’s taking make her cold.  By the time I got back home from that, it was nearly 8:30, aka almost my bedtime.

There was one bright spot from last night though.  I got to remove the question mark from beside the St. Jude half-marathon on my race calendar!  It’s a for-sure thing now.  My friend M (remember her?  She’s the one that was supposed to run the RnR Vegas Marathon with me but decided it would be more fun to break her leg instead.) texted me about it a few nights ago thinking it would be coinciding with when she would be in town for her brother’s graduation.  Turns out they are on different weekends, so M is out, but another friend texted me last night asking, “Sooo… what are you doing December 3rd?”  She and her husband signed up yesterday!  IT’S ON!!!  I’m so excited to be running a race with a friend!  That’ll be a first.  M suffered a stress fracture less than a month before Vegas, and my BFF that was supposed to run the AJM half with me last month flaked out on me… so I’m STOKED!

I’ve got another busy weekend ahead of me… I’ve got to do the grocery/laundry thing tonight because I’ll be gone most all weekend.  (I know, I’m rockin’ my Friday night HARD.  Be very jealous.  When you get to be as cool as I am you can go grocery shopping on a Friday night too.)  Registration for the 10K is tomorrow morning at 7:00, and it’s about an hour away.  Then I’m going straight to my parents’ house for a day-early Mother’s Day.  I don’t expect I’ll get home before sometime late Saturday evening.  Then church Sunday morning, and as soon as I get out of church I am going to pick up my sister-in-law and niece and drive BACK to my hometown because a friend of mine there is a very good photographer, and she’s going to be doing my niece’s senior pictures!  And we’ve got to fit a Mother’s Day for D’s mom and some more Granny time in there somewhere.  Lots of driving and rushing around this weekend, but at least it’s all for fun reasons!

I’ll get around to my date with that bottle of wine someday…

11 thoughts on “There Was No Wine

  1. I hope it's the meds too. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead!

    Dave was in Memphis today and got a giant tour of St. Jude. He called me on the way home and is FIRED UP about the facility. His excitement is inspiring me to consider St. Jude too! Dare I say the marathon??


  2. Sorry granny is having a rough go. Sometimes I know with a lot of change (for anyone) plus medication, it can be overwhelming and disorienting. Hopefully with just a little time, she'll get back on track.
    Enjoy your weekend and don't be TOO crazy at the grocery!


  3. Umm, helloooo? What were you drinking when you posted this? It wasn't wine I'll bet!

    That is too bad about grams. tough to see that happen right in front of you. I'm with you – I hope it is the meds.


  4. Sorry to hear about your grandmother…the aging process is really, really hard to watch.

    Very cool you get to run w/ a pal for your 1/2! Makes it so much fun.

    I say drink wine and fold laundry together!


  5. hard to see those you love go through all that stuff that comes with getting old. ;( Sorry to hear.
    So glad you got to register for this race!
    Wine? Yes please, I think I might just have a glass. The back brace for my hubby is a good idea!


  6. My .02 (maybe less) on Granny… Older people have a really hard time filtering meds out of their system. I think it's reasonable to think she's still experiencing some loopiness from anesthesia and pain meds. Do you know if she's still getting any pain medicine in rehab? Also being at the rehab facility could have thrown her for a loop. It's never a bad idea to mention your concerns to her doctor. I'd ask the nurse if a note or a phone call to her main doctor in rehab would be best. You know her better than me, her nurses, and doctors. If she's not right raise that flag!


  7. Ugh, that's hard to watch. Really hopping Granny gets her usual sharps back soon.

    Woooo for RnRLV!!! I swear the entire world will be there.. hope you have a great time!


  8. I hope Granny gets back to normal soon! I bet it's the medication, and it'll work itself out soon. I'll be thinking about her 🙂

    That does sound like a super busy weekend! Good luck on the 10k! And the future race plans sound exciting!!


  9. I'm really sorry to read about Granny's confusion. I hope that it's still just the meds causing some disorientation and loopiness, but it's probably worth bringing up with her doctor.

    Enjoy your weekend and the 5k!


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