Three Things Thursday

1.   D’s grandmother was finally released from the hospital yesterday.  After the valve replacement, she was scheduled for a pacemaker, but that surgery had to be postponed because she developed pneumonia.  While they were treating the pneumonia, her arrhythmia apparently worked itself out because they’ve decided that she doesn’t need the pacemaker right now after all.  Praise the Lord!

2.   I’m running my first 10K Saturday morning!  Instant PR!  WOOHOO!  I do hope to at least break an hour though.

3.   I’m so ready to just get off work and chill out tonight.  It’s been go-go-go since sometime last week.  Today is a rest day, and I’ve already informed D that tonight is a “you’re on your own” night for supper.  We’re going to see his grandma when he gets off work, and other than that I ain’t doing a DANG THANG.  And there may be wine involved.

14 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I am so happy that D's grandma was released!!!! I can't wait to read all about your amazing 10k PR!!! Did you get to relax last night?

    PS I am coming over to your house to eat popcorn with you and we can be weirdos together!


  2. Hooray 10K! It is probably one of my least favorite distances because it feels like sprinting for sooo long. (but wasn't about to post that until AFTER you had raced).

    How did it go??


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