Nuts & Bolts

I felt like I wanted to write a post, but I’ve been sitting here looking at  a blank “new post” screen for a good ten minutes, unable to come up with anything post-worthy.  (It doesn’t help that there’s a Cardinals ballgame on distracting me.)  So what does one do when one can’t come up with a full post?

Bullets, baby!

  • Today is Easter, and all day long I’ve been reading people’s posts on Facebook about their Easter church services and such.  I went to church this morning, and it was a completely standard service.  Easter wasn’t acknowledged in anyway whatsoever.  I wanted to ask someone why but I didn’t want to feel like an idiot.  (I attend Church of Christ, so if anybody knows anything about this that I don’t, please enlighten me.)
  • We had a low-key night out with some friends last night.  We gorged on Mexican and then they wanted to go see the new Madea movie.  I had never seen any of them, and after last night I can safely say I’ll never see any more of them.  I did not enjoy it.  It might have been tolerable had it not been for all the ghetto idiots in there yelling out at the screen.
  • The announcers for this ballgame I’m watching are talking right now about extended playoffs this year with an extra wildcard team.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.
  • I haven’t run since the half-marathon last Saturday.  I had planned to take a one-week break just because I felt like I needed it.  Mentally more than physically.  I’m ready to get back at it.
  • I have been so unbelieveably tired this week and weekend.  I thought it was possibly because I had lost so much sleep due to the middle-of-the-night storms through the week, but you’d think I would have caught back up by now.  I fell asleep on the couch after work almost every day, and I took a 2-hour nap both yesterday and today.  And I swear if I closed my eyes for 15 seconds I could be asleep again right now.  I hope I get my energy back when I get back into a running routine tomorrow.
  • There was a bone marrow drive in a town about 20 miles from here yesterday.  I wanted to go, but with these crazy gas prices and my gas-guzzling truck, I didn’t.  I learned on that you can order the kit and join the registry by sending in a cheek swab, so that’s what I did.  Some of the questions I had to answer were insane:  “In the past five years, have you taken money or drugs in exchange for sex?”  Whew!  Good thing I stopped doing that six years ago!
  • Our electricity has gone off at least once a day since it came back on the day after the storms last week.  I’m tired of resetting clocks.
  • It never fails… every time I’m trying to hear something on TV, my dogs will go get their Nylabones and park their asses right in the middle of the living room, crunching and grinding louder than the television.
  • I went through my jewelry chest this week and dug out a few pieces of gold jewelry that I haven’t worn in a long time.  Some of it I forgot I even had.  I sold it for $285.  Score.  Makes me wish I hadn’t hocked my first wedding set for $50 right after the divorce.
  • Four day work week this week!  I’m taking a day of leave on Friday.  The sister and I will be Nashville bound!

Did you have a big Easter service at church? 

Do you donate blood?  I wish I could, but I’m too much of a wuss.  I pass out at the sight of blood.

17 thoughts on “Nuts & Bolts

  1. my husband grew up in a church of christ and his father and brother are both preachers at a church of christ. i'm baptist and found it hard to understand why they dont do anything “special” for christmas or easter. but the easiest way to explain it, that has was the explanation that i received is – they remember/honor what happened every week during communion.


  2. my husband just informed me that the bible doesn't say to celebrate his birth, so they dont, but it does say to remember his death and resurrectin at communion so they do.


  3. I also grew up Church of Christ (still am) and, like many denominations (which CofC LOATHES to be called a denomination — but they are…) it can depend on where you are on a Sunday morning. What Crystal said is accurate. The theory is/ was that “we celebrate/ observe the Lord's resurrection every week at communion. Easter is no different” but the (same) more conservative churches don't observe Christmas at all and that totally baffles me, as well: You mean to tell me that the entire world is finally going to acknowledge the Son of God and we are going to ignore it? Go figure.

    I do think there is scripture that advises against making any one day more 'holy' than any other (can't find it right now), and that is where this idea comes from. The church I attend now (still CofC) does acknowledge holidays, and it is very special.

    Wild subject change: With your bone marrow match, those questions sound similar to blood donor questions that get more and more intrusive every time I give. And hilarious. I want to say: do people actually DO THAT??? So funny.


  4. I can't donate blood because I was born in Africa and spent some time in some “no-no countries” (ok, something like that) plus I lived in England and they were concerned about mad cow. I haven't been back to Africa since I was 5, but they still asked me if I had sex for drugs or money while in Africa. Between the ages of 1 and 5. And they were completely serious. Ridiculous!!!!


  5. I like how they want you to be promiscuous AND drug-addicted before they will deny you.

    Ditto on the dog chewing thing. So annoying! Jinx used to stand right in front of our projection tv. So then we got a bigass wall mounted one, and now he stands in front of the receiver. We can't win.


  6. I love Bullets. I might have to try this the next time my screen is empty. Hope you have a great time in Nashville. I am leaving the area for Oklahoma, would rather be here in TN.

    Off to donate blood, lol.


  7. The nearest movie theater from where we live is in the ghetto…it's crazy how much people talk! A couple ladies almost go into a fight one time too (in the middle of the movie). So we tend to drive out of our way if it's not an action (i.e. loud) movie.


  8. I wanted to donate blood recently, but I can't for a year, since I got a tattoo last fall. Probably a good thing, since the last time I donated, I almost passed out onto the plate of cookies they give out after you're done.


  9. I donate blood regularly but haven't thought about bone marrow.
    Sometimes a little break from running is just what you need. And with your naps it sounds like your body needed as much as your mind did. You have been going strong for a while now!
    I understand the whole remembering the resurrection everyday but it does seem a little weird not even acknowledging it was Easter. Oh well.


  10. hahah I love bullets. Bullet points. Saying I love bullets sounds weird. Anyway- our Easter was spent driving!

    I can't donate blood- I think I'd pass out. I passed out once getting my finger pricked (I can have blood taken fine now) but ever since then I've been a bit scarred.


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