Three Things Thursday

1.   I’m feeling MUCH better now.  FINALLY.  I was able to get in four miles last night and five tonight, so I’m feeling pretty good about being back at 100% by my long run this weekend.

2.   I thought I had finally broken the 130-pound barrier.  I stepped on the scale earlier today, and it showed 129.8.  I ran to get my camera, got back on the scale to take a picture for proof, and it was back to 130.4.  WHAT???  Stepped off scale.  Stepped back on scale.  130.4.  Stupid scale.

3.   I’ve had “Bennie and the Jets” stuck in my head ALL.  DAMN.  DAY.  Thanks to American Idol last night.  Did y’all see that chick perform that song?  I LOVE her!

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