Down With the Sickness

Last week when I came home from work and found D already home and in bed, I knew that was not a good sign.  He’s not your typical man when he’s sick.  He doesn’t get all whiney and pitiful.  He sucks it up and works right through it.  So when he goes down, it’s pretty bad.  I don’t know what he had because he never went to the doctor (He IS a typical man in that regard.), but whatever it was it only hung around a couple of days.

I’m hoping that will be my case too.  I was fine when I went to bed Friday night.  About 5:00 am Saturday I woke up with a sore throat.  It wasn’t too bad.  And it was okay because I had already planned to move my long run (12 miles) to Sunday anyway because it was supposed to storm all day Saturday.  So I went about my normal business just fine all day.  Last night when I finally sat down on the couch, in typical Pam fashion, I was asleep within a few minutes.  When I woke up around midnight, I could just feel it.  I told D right then, “I don’t know if there will be any running tomorrow.”

And, alas, there is no running today.  Instead, there’s lots of laying around in my fuzzy PJs with my blanket and drinking hot tea.

I’m not the only sickly one in the house right now.  Poor Harley has the screaming shits.  We knew he had a raging case of gas Friday night.  It was baaaaaaaaad.  He cleared the room a couple of times.  No cause for concern.  Dogs fart.  Then when I got up Saturday morning and opened their bedroom door, the stench nearly doubled me over.  He had left us several presents.  Luckily, they were mostly on the old area rug that was in their room.  We didn’t even attempt to salvage that rug.  It was rolled up, placed in the bed of D’s truck, and taken to the dump.  His tummy troubles persisted through the day yesterday and once through the night last night, and he’s even vomited a couple of times.  He doesn’t act like he feels bad.  He’s still running around and play fighting with Bella and acting like his normal goofy-ass self.  But he’s not eating or drinking.  I’m giving him ice cubes to make sure he doesn’t dehydrate, and I tried to give him some Pepto-Bismol, but that just ended up in an unsuccessful pink mess.  We’re at the 24-hour mark now, so we’ll see how he does today.  He probably needs to eat something, so I may try a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice today.  And if he keeps it up I guess we’ll be back at the vet tomorrow.  Which is AWESOME because I had been worried all weekend about what I was going to do with that extra $30 I had left after paying the bills this week.

17 thoughts on “Down With the Sickness

  1. Hope you and the dog feel better soon. Same thing happened to me last week (not the screaming shits, the sore throat). I thought I had the flu but by day 4 I still was swallowing razors so off to the doctor I went. Strep was going around and I had a fine case of it..grr!


  2. Ah, I can try to be of assistance. *Puts on the know-it-all voice*

    “Perhaps you should try some pumpkin. Plain pumpkin, no additives (NOT pumpkin pie filling!). You should be able to find it at any grocery store that has a health food section. If Harley's problem is merely run-of-the-mill digestion troubles, pumpkin can help settle things out. If it persists, it could be caused by something that needs a little pharmaceutical aid, in which case, take him to the vet.”

    /know-it-all rant


  3. LOL. You make me laugh. Ugh. kid rhea is bad enough….no thank you to random surprises from doggies too. 🙂 Ryan never goes to the doctor either..then again I rarely do. Hope you're feeling better!!


  4. Oh man. Fuzzy PJ's sounded good… until you got to Harley… uhg.

    SO, was it you who contemplated running in random people at that marathon a few months ago?… Yea…. guess what I did on Saturday after I got T in?…


  5. Aww, hope you are feeling better now Pam. Glad you got a laugh out of my post today. I thought the title was hilarious. The book is pretty funny too. I couldn't help but check it out. 🙂 Thanks for the comment! 😉 feel better!


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