Three Things Thursday – Weight, Work & Weariness

1.  The weight loss is not going as I’d hoped.  First three came off quickly, but I’m STUCK. I haven’t been able to break that 130 barrier yet.  I’m doing everything the same as I did in the beginning.  Still running, still cross-training, still using to track everything.  I know I’m not underestimating my calories because frankly I’m not estimating anything.  I’m measuring everything and logging everything.  I’m making sure I get the right fat:carb:protein ratio.  My daily caloric requirement to maintain my weight is around 1800.  There are days I’m eating less than 1500 and burning 500+ more with exercise creating a nice little calorie deficit.  Yet it just ain’t coming off.  And bikini season is right around the corner.  I’ve even gone so far as to give up alcohol.  Since I started this on February 21st, I have had exactly one bloody mary and two beers.  If you know me, you know how drastic this is.

2.   I held interviews this week for an open substitute carrier position in my office.  There were exactly two applicants.  Funny how our unemployment rate in this county is right at 10% and everybody says they want to work but when an opportunity to work comes up no one takes it.  Guess it’s just easier to stay home and draw a check than it is to, oh, I don’t know… WORK FOR A LIVING.

3.  I’ve been a little down lately.  Every year since D and I started dating, by this time of year we’ve had big plans for an exciting vacation.  In 2006 we went to Hawaii.  In 2007 the Virgin Islands.  2008 Vegas/Grand Canyon and Destin.  2009 Barbados and Destin.  2010 Cabo San Lucas, Destin, and Las Vegas.  And there are always little weekend trips here and there too.  We just financially can’t swing it this year.  Our nephew is getting married in Gatlinburg in June, so that’ll be a few days in the mountains, but I really don’t count that because if it wasn’t for the wedding I wouldn’t give two shits about going to Gatlinburg.  We should be able to go to Destin at the end of summer again because it’s within driving distance and doesn’t cost nuch at all, but to be honest Destin has kind of lost its zeal too.  I desparately need a change of scenery.   (Yes I realize how shallow this makes me to be so bummed over this, and no I don’t care.)

19 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Weight, Work & Weariness

  1. I'm sorry things are sucktastic right now.

    I don't know what's going on with the weight loss. Maybe your body needs some major shock? Like, trying out some crazy workout you've never done before? That could be kind of fun.


  2. HAng in there woman!

    Get that vacation planned!!
    It's like a race – once you sign up you feel better [I'm pretty sure weight just falls off at that point too]. ok I'm a dork [you knew that] but hang in there!


  3. I feel you. We had big plans for a few trips this year, that aren't happening, and it funks me up. Bleh.

    Plus, I agree with Rose – maybe your body is used to your routine, maybe you need to shake it up a bit?


  4. 1-yeah…maybe you need to eat MORE calories???
    2-Heck yes! I would love to draw a check and do nothing..sign me up!
    3-This is a big problem in my hood this time of year too. Thankfully the desert is close enough for a drive and a camp, but what I remember of the South it's just green green everywhere. Maybe a little danger or something would do the trick? Try knocking over a convenience store.


  5. That has to be frustrating! It sounds like you're doing everything right and I'd be mad too!
    I know what you mean about complaining about a real vacation. I really want a beach right now. And then you hear about Japan and feel so silly for wanting a vacation. But still…


  6. Sorry you've got low mojo lady and that no really exciting trips are on your horizon. If you can afford gas out to Colorado, I'll feed/house you and your main squeeze : )
    It is good to at least do little things to change things up in the meantime since the big things aren't a possibility at the moment.


  7. Sorry to hear you are in a funk! We all go through those phases. And no, you don't sound spoiled by speaking honestly about vacation…hopefully an answer will come around for you. Take care!


  8. Weight is so tough. I think once it's here, it decides it LIKES US. Dammit. It's something that's a constant struggle for me too.

    And the financial struggle is equally disheartening. We went to FL only because it had been planned for years and John was IN the wedding. Now I have my kids constantly asking me when the next trip is…Um, when we pay for the LAST one!

    Hope things get easier soon. If the dang weather would play nice, at least we'd FEEL beter…


  9. Not losing weight when you are doing everything you are supposed to do is sooooo frustrating! I have much more to lose than that and it feels like its taking forever!
    If you don't do much weight training throw more in! muscles burns more calories at rest than fat 🙂


  10. Girl, I am sorry things are so hard right now. I totally understand how finances this year take out the fun of a lot of things…. about the weight, you should go off of body fat percentage or measurements because what if you are gaining muscle and losing fat!?!?!?! I think you look like a rockstar:)


  11. I know my body will plateau for a little while despite my best efforts, but if you're eating right and exercising, you just have to give it time.

    I agree with Janae that you should go by body fat percentage. Being 130 is super awesome!!! Your bod may be happy with it.

    Maybe you guys should come down here for a weekend. We can drink and shoot and run and just relax. 🙂 It's not exotic beach, but we could throw a blow up pool in the back of the pick-up and kick it redneck style.


  12. You might think about “measuring” your body composition in a different way, i.e. body fat% vs. weight. a tape measure and a web link will work.

    Another way to possibly kick start that weight loss is flip your workouts. The body tries to find the most efficient way to do things and you will reach a plateau. If i am doing a lot of long slow miles I will mix in a week with extra tempo or speedwork to trick my body…


  13. 1- On weight loss… I don't have a lot of advice. I don't know how far back you read on my blog but I lost 22(ish) pounds at the end of 2010. Not a good plan for a runner, but I went low carb. Carbs make me feel like crap anyway, so it wasn't a terrible thing. I was super strict with myself during that time, though. Now that I'm just maintaining I'm back to moderation. Hang in there- maybe you'll just have one of those days where you wake up and the scale magically gives you those few pounds.

    3- Vacation. If Destin is within driving distance what about driving to one of the ports in Florida and taking a cruise? They can be cheap, even if it's just a few day getaway. I did a 3 day out of Port Canaveral with a friend in February and it was awesome. Bonus if you go before the end of May and the prices go up for summer…


  14. I sooo admire you for even caring about bikini season! I gave that up long ago. My swimsuit is a long tankini with a skirt attached so everything is completely covered. But I'm sure you look fantastic, so don't you worry about bikini season (ride through hell season to me)!


  15. I won't even bother with weight loss advice. I've wanted to see women naked long enough to know that it is better to NEVER talk about it.

    I'm going to savannah to run the rnr race there. Come with!


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