Three Things Thursday

1.   Slow and steady progress on shedding the pounds.  Down 3 so far.  On the recommendation of a few people, I’ve been using to track my calories.  It has proven to be an invaluable tool.

2.   Sometimes I really hate being in management.  Good help truly is hard to find.  And when you find it, it’s hard to keep.  The carrier I hired last spring turned out to be a God-send, but now she is transferring to another office.  I’m very happy for her because it’s a move up for her, but I’m sad to lose her.  And I absolutely detest the hiring process.  I hate interviewing people, and I hate trying to make the decision on who is the best choice for the job.

3.   I’m detoxing from Facebook.  I posted a status a few days ago that I was going dark for a while, but then I ate those words when I turned to Facebook trying to find a home for the stray that showed up at work Monday.  But I mean it this time.  It’s gotten to be way too much of a time-suck for me.  I peeked in on my news feed once today when my phone alerted me that someone had just sent me a message, but that’s it.  And I’ve got to say I made it through the day just fine not knowing what so-and-so had for breakfast and what was ailing such-and-such today.

14 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Facebook is such a time suck. You're right. I need to let it go… just not today. 🙂 (spoken like a true addict).

    3 lbs!? Work it girl. You got it goin' on!


  2. Slow and steady is the way to go – much more likely to make a sustainable change! Nice job!

    I spend quite a bit of time on FB but several organizations that I'm a member of use it to distribute news about events, etc. Plus, I live in a new town and want to know what's going on with friends and family, so I won't be leaving any time soon.


  3. I'm spending way less time on FB now that I'm blogging and following the running journeys of so many inspiring runners. hm…have I just transferred my addiction?


  4. Nice! 3 pounds is like 3 boxes of butter!! Fantastic progress!

    Now, about old FB…I get so tired of reading the news from the same old boring “friends”. Nobody does anything interesting, and like a boob, I check my news feed anyway. Wassup wi dat?

    P.S. I heart Disqus because it makes finding people who comment's blogs easier, and I can reply from my phone 🙂 I'm a lazy girl, what can I say?


  5. Oh, I know what you mean about the help. I have five interviews scheduled today, for exactly five positions, and I'm hoping I can fill one of them!

    And congratson the weight loss! You go girl!


  6. yay for 3 pounds! I better have lost some by next wednesday. I'm already bored and it's only been 3 days.

    So on the office, I think Michael is going to obviously move away with Holly, but he's going to turn into a traveling sales consultant and she's going to be his wingman.


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