Another One Drinks the Kool-Aid!

This running thing… it’s contagious, no?  It rubbed off from my friend onto me.  I’ve conned convinced my hair stylist to run a 5K with me this weekend.  I suckered sweet-talked my BFF of 20 years into running a half-marathon with me next month.

And the latest and the best???

I’m just a teensy bit excited about this.
She reads this blog, so y’all give her a shout out!

20 thoughts on “Another One Drinks the Kool-Aid!

  1. YAY KIM!!! YOU ARE GOING TO DO AMAZING!!! I love when running rubs off on other people!!! It is the best ever. Billy is becoming the biggest runner and it makes me so happy! SO excited to read about your 5k….you are going to do amazing!


  2. I agree it is contagious, I started out with 5k's and some friends I made doing them decided to do a half so of course I HAD to also:) and the rest is history!!


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