ABC’s of Me

Copycat?  Who?  Me?!

Age: 25  (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  That 1980 stuff on my driver’s license is a misprint.)\

Bed size:  We finally bought a king a few months ago, and it has been HEAVEN.

Chore you hate: All of them, but especially cleaning the bathrooms.  That’s the one thing D gets stuck with.

Dogs: Bella, 2 next month; Harley, 2 in July.  (See right sidebar.)

Essential start of your day: Food.  I wake up starving.

Fav colour: Blue.

Gold or silver:  White gold.

Height: 5’3-1/2″

Instruments I play: Clarinet and alto sax, although I haven’t touched either in years.  I used to be very good though.

Job title: Peon.

Kids:  No thanks.

Live: Rural West TN.

Mom’s name: Connie.

Nicknames: None now.  But all through school it was Spam.  Not because I ate it or anything.  Just because it rhymes with my name.  So clever…  But it stuck.  I even had it on a personalized license plate in high school.

Overnight hospital stays:  Nope, never.

Pet peeve:  People who think they know more about my job than I do.

Quote from a movie:  “Did we just become best friends?”  “Yep!”  “Do you wanna do karate in the garage?”  “Yep!”  (Name that movie!)

Right or left handed:  Right.

Siblings:  One younger sister.

Time you wake up:  Through the week, 5:00 am.  The weekends are determined by the dogs’ bladders.  Rarely past 6:30.

Underwear:  Thongs, boyshorts, or commando.  Depends on the activity and the outfit.

Veg you dislike:  Haven’t met one yet!

What makes you run late:  My husband, and it drives me bonkers.

X-rays you have had done: Teeth, knee, and chest.

Yummy food you make: Lasagna.

Zoo, favorite animal:  I disagree with animals being kept in captivity and displayed for human entertainment.  Period.  But I’m fascinated by elephants and think this place is just amazing.

11 thoughts on “ABC’s of Me

  1. I agree about the zoos, but you probably already knew that. 🙂 I hate chores. I hate cleaning. I hate it all!

    No kids for me either. See – we are meant to be best friends!


  2. I loved getting to know you better! I love your nickname! I think it's funny how a lot of these that I have read their husbands make them late and it drives them crazy. Runners must have punctuality in common!


  3. Amen! (to your comment on my blog)

    I will listen to this sweet, forgiving body of mine. It does whatever I tell it, so maybe I should give it that same respect. 🙂

    You are a wise woman, SPAM! 😉


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