Sneaky Little Bastards

I’m determined to get about 8 pounds off.  There’s no reason I can’t do it.  I was starting to get just a little irritated because the scale just hasn’t been budging.  It’s stuck at 133.  Yeah, there are days when it’s 131 and days when it’s 135, but that’s normal for me.  I want to take that down to the 123 to 127 range.  These love handles gots to go.

And food journaling is going to help me get it done.  (Along with the fact that I just put it out there on the interwebs and will be filled with shame if I am forced to report anything but success.)  I know I munch a lot, and I do most of it mindlessly, and actually having to log it in will make me more aware of what’s going into my body. 

Today is a fine example.  I’ve logged in 302 calories worth of snacks so far today, and it’s not even 4:00 pm.  And if I’m being completely honest, it would have been WAY more than that if I wasn’t logging them.  It’s all those sneaky little calories that have been hiding in my diet and keeping me from reaching my goal.  No more.  I’m calling them out.  125 or bust.

Today’s weight:  133.4. 

14 thoughts on “Sneaky Little Bastards

  1. Food logging always works for my weight loss goals. It never works in the long run for me because I get over it pretty fast. I'm right with you though…I'm about 10 pounds away from goal weight but I'm not pushing myself yet to lose it. I need to up my mileage and keep eating about the same. 🙂


  2. For real, right?! Sometimes I think counting calories works because entering that crap is more of a pain in the ass than it's worth to eat the snack. 🙂

    Just make sure you're getting in enough calories to fuel your workouts! It's hard to restrict when you're training for something because then you don't have the proper fuel to actually working anything off.


  3. @ A – I'm not really gonna be restricting anything. More like holding the Doritos to one serving instead of 4.

    @ Jen – I already drink lots of water. My problem is I eat even when I don't feel hungry! If it's there and it sounds good, I'll eat it. Or Heaven forbid I get stressed. It's no holds barred when I'm stressed.


  4. Well, I think you look gorgeous, but if you want to lose 8 pounds then do it! I munch a lot to, and when I'm journaling I tend to be much more mindful to at least munch on some fruits and veggies. Today has been a total disaster, though. I've been writing all day, and have eaten way too many jellybeans.


  5. Oh man, I couldn't bring myself to log what I eat. But I do like to snack. I just try to snack on healthier stuff if I can. I can't wait until cherries are in season! Those are the best for snackin! That said, there's a fair bit of chocolate that goes down too.


  6. OH I hear that… I do. Somedays I eat more calories in snacks than I eat at dinner. Uh, that's such a FAIL by the way…

    Best snack for me these days is POPCORN. You can eat like 4 cups of the 94% reduced fat stuff and stay in the 60 calorie range.


  7. eatspinlive

    This is such a great idea girl! I am currently using my blog as a food journal myself to track what I eat and to be sure I am getting all of the proper nutrients I need as I train for a marathon! I know you can do this! 🙂


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