Three Things Thursday

1.  I made hotel reservations yesterday for a girl’s weekend for me and my sister!  We’re going to Nashville the last weekend in April and I CAN. NOT WAIT!!!  Coincidentally (or maybe not…), that’s the weekend of the CMM.  I’m excited to go and spectate!  I ran the 1/2 last year and it was awesome, but I’m already running two April HMs, so I just want to cheer everyone on in Nashville.  I don’t know anyone who is running it this year, so if you are, HOLLA!  I’ll cheer for you specifically.  🙂  I even thought about hanging out around the 20+ mile mark and running with various random struggling marathoners for a little bit.  I know that would have helped my morale IMMENSELY when I was running mine solo in December.  Other than that, I don’t know what else the weekend will involve.  Besides The Melting Pot.  Definitely The Melting Pot.  And band-stalking on Second.  And beer.

2.  I got this in the mail Tuesday.  It’s my Heavy Medal medal for completing two Rock N Roll events in 2010 (CMM 1/2 and RnR Las Vegas Marathon). 

It’s pretty cheesey, no?  That’s okay.  It still looks cool on my medal hanger!

3.   I had the brilliant idea to go roller skating this past Sunday with some peeps from church.  I haven’t had wheels on these feet in like 20 years.  I sucked at it then, and guess what!  I still do!  I didn’t even want to go out onto the rink because it was sooooo crowded, but the kids that I was with finally shamed me into it.  It was scary!  The people zooming past me like I was standing still (a stand-still actually isn’t much slower than I was going) made me nervous, and there were kids falling all over the place.  I was scared to death one was going to fall in front of me and I wouldn’t be able to stop before I rolled over them.  But they finally got me out there and I didn’t fall once.  I had several close calls though.

Celebrating my fall-less first lap.  This photo is weird.  It makes me look like I have dark roots and no hair on the right side of my head.  And that looks like a ghost in front of me.

19 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Yay for not falling!

    I can only roller blade. I got roller blades for Christmas about the same time a local roller rink opened up, so I never learned to roller skate. Years later I ended up at the rink without my blades, tried to skate, and failed so so miserably.


  2. rollerskating rocks.

    my mom was a rollerskating jumper. like Ice skating on rollerskates. Man I have such a great heritage.

    YAY on #1. jealous.



  3. 1) that is the COOLEST IDEA EVER. Random runner joins in and gives encouragement? If you do it, I will be excited to read how it goes.

    2) heavy looking, and yea cheesy but also yea, ON the medal hanger that's some serious bling!

    3) Look at you – so cute!

    Finally – thanks for your comment. yea, as for the walking, he just doesn't want me on the feet for more than 12 miles per week, so “don't waste it walking the dogs” is where he & I agreed on at least something. Well, that and, I'm a crack-head heroin addict, but…


  4. I was always insanely terrified whenever I had to go to a roller scating rink for a birthday party or class event when I was young. I was horrible on skates too, but always wanted to be great. I'm just impressed that you got out there and tried!

    Your Nashville trip sounds like so much fun!


  5. Ha! That is a funny picture!! Great job not eating the floor! =)

    that is a cheesy but sweet medal! It got me to thinking, so I logged onto my Rock n Roll account and changed my address from WA to NC. I hope I can get one too…or it may just get sent to WA and returned to sender…sad face.


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