Three Things Thursday – Race Edition

1.  I told you guys that I came in fourth place in my age group at the Race on the Trace a couple of weeks ago.  I was wrong.  That’s what the board said when I left, but apparently someone else hadn’t yet turned in their card.  The official results posted on the web site shows me in 5th place, 21 seconds behind the girl who I thought had taken 3rd place.

2.  I’m going into Saturday’s 5K with VERY rested legs.  (That’s the positive spin I’m trying to put on the fact I’ve hardly run this week.)  Thanks to the crazy amount of snow and ice we’ve gotten, I have missed a lot of workouts and a lot of miles.

3.  I’ve had a hard time deciding between two half-marathons in April.  The one in Jackson on the 9th or the one in Murray on the 16th.  Screw it.  I’m doing them both!

11 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Race Edition

  1. Yay for the double race plan! Perfect decision. I don't think you even need to “spin” the rest this week. I intentionally rest a bit more the week before most races, even 5Ks. I think it makes a big difference. Good luck!


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