The Post That Didn’t Happen

I just had a post all written up.  It was called Tuesday Tirade.  In it, I bitched and ranted and whined about how crappy my day was yesterday, I cursed my job, I bashed my husband, and I basically just laid it all out there about how miserable I am.  And I immediately deleted it.  Nobody wants to hear that crap.  I’ve seen a few posts lately about how journaling is supposed to make you feel better.  It didn’t work.  It just made me feel stuff again.  And I’m not a fan of emotions.  So I’ll just wrap all that junk up in a neat little box and cram it back deep down inside where it belongs.


If you don’t feel it, fake it.

8 thoughts on “The Post That Didn’t Happen

  1. OH! I don't like this at all! Get your butt to a good therapist before your tidy little box blows up in your face. You're one up on me though, I didn't even know my “box” exsisted…no bueno…


  2. I'm with the others, LET IT OUT! You can send me a 10 page long email with all of your bitching. I won't mind one bit. I am the biggest complainer you'll ever meet. I never hold ANYTHING inside.

    Feel better. It's okay to get pissed, frustrated and hate life a little. We all do sometimes.


  3. I'm all about fake it until you make it. That being said, I do like to blow steam off sometimes. But I usually save it for a good friend. Hope you're not having to fake it anymore!


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