I hope laughing during church isn’t a sin because if it is, I’m going straight to hell after today.  I really tried to be good.  I tried so hard.  I tried to ignore it, but the harder I tried, the funnier it became.

We had a guest preacher today.  And I honestly have no idea if he was any good or not.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what our sermon was about because all I heard was one word:  “Right?”  Over and over and over.

(It was like the How I Met Your Mother episode with Robin’s “But, um.”  Or South Park‘s Mr. Mackey and his “M’kay?”)

“You have to hear the word of God, right?  And you have to believe the word of God, right?  But that’s not enough, right?  You have to act on that, right?”

I’m a horrible, horrible person.  I was sitting right there in church thinking what a good drinking game this would make.
I seriously thought I was going to have to get up and leave.  I was in tears trying to keep quiet.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.  When have you laughed when it was completely inappropriate?

24 thoughts on “"Right?"

  1. I would have been right there with you cracking up! It's probably a good thing that I wasn't because you know how it gets even worse when you catch the eye of someone else who is about to start laughing… hahaha


  2. This makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry puts a PEZ dispenser on Elaine's chair during George's girlfriend's piano recital and she can't stop laughing. I think God respects people with a sense of humor. You should be okay.


  3. You're not alone! I've laughed at church before when my husband was drawing pictures of people in the congregation. So I really blame it on him. I'm sure you're gonna be just fine.
    My brother in law has a professor that constantly says, “over there” and he recorded him once for us to hear. It was hilarious. I'm sure he had no idea, but it was really funny.


  4. I had to laugh because I just saw the “but, um” episode. Maybe it was just what you needed today. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life and it takes something, in this case, funny to make us feel better. Hope you had a good laugh! (after church of course!)


  5. You cannot top me in inappropriate laughter. There is a family story that I have forbidden my children to tell on me anymore unless I get to clear it up that involves me, a mission trip with teens, and some puppies that passed away and I dissolved into giggle fits. I'm a HORRIBLE person.

    Then, I was at a funeral — of the 24 year old son of a dear friend of mine — and witnessed a wheelchair wreck. No one was injured, except for me trying not to lose a spleen stopping my laughter. I still could fall on the floor laughing right this minute thinking about it.


  6. I'll one up you I suppose, my sister and I couldn't stop cracking up during my grandpa's memorial service because the speakers was reading scripture while putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable. the good thing is we were in the second row so almost everyone was behind us and could see our shoulders moving and thought we were crying.


  7. I laugh when my boss gets mad. I seriously cannot help it.

    I also busted up laughing at my boyfriends little brother was tring to read scripture in Spanish for the prayer at Christmas dinner. After a second everyone else laughed with me so I didn't feel bad. And it was pretty funny.


  8. So funny! In the 8th grade, my friends and I were in charge of the whole Christmas Eve service…all kinds of speaking parts, etc. We got up there and had a horrible laughing fit. It was awful and we were grounded for weeks afterwards!


  9. You can't help it when you have to laugh! When I was a wee lass, I drew an Abe Lincoln hat on Jesus on the handout in church service and passed it to my sister who proceeded to nearly pee her pants. My dad shot me a glance that burnt like laser beams. So, I marked an x through it and “There is no hat.” All better…


  10. Hahahaha! This is so funny — I LOVE that you thought about turning it into a drinking game. 🙂 It's only unholy if you were thinking about using anything other than communion wine, though. 😛

    So… about your hip/chiropractic adjustments. How often do you get that done? I had mine adjusted yesterday and it hurt like the dickens. I thought maybe he messed it up even more!! My roommate was explaining that that's my body trying to fight itself to go back into its un-aligned ways. Does that happened to you? How often do you go in? How long does it hurt for?



  11. Ok, thanks for the info! I never thought that this was an issue until he pointed out my leg imbalance (and after he did the adjustment). I feel a bit better today — I can't tell if I'm sore from the race or the adjustment! I'll give it another day. I might go back in for more if I find it's helping… I'm more anxious about trying to heal my tense muscle issue than an imbalance in my hips. However, if the two ARE linked, then it makes sense for me to do that as well. Thanks for the information!!


  12. PLEASE don't judge me, but I laughed at my Great Grandmother's funeral when I was 10. I loved her so much and was devastated when she died but it was my first funeral and it made me super uncomfortable. Laughing was my natural reaction.

    If you're going to hell, then I'm going in gasoline underpants!


  13. Well at least you were laughing. I find that I get terribly annoyed with that sort of thing. My eyes start bugging and I start tilting my head…I'll make tick marks every time I hear the word! I would have been in Hell…. HA!

    My moms thing is “so…” I hate it~ At the end of every single sentence is “So…” It will be like, “Well, I guess I'll talk to you later. So…” It is extends the conversation over and over and over….”Bye! Talk to you later! So….?” What is that? So annoying!

    Now I am laughing!!!


  14. I totally did this once in a church service. The speaker was giving a message and was trying so hard to be “spiritual” and speaking from spirit, but it just came out like a person way out with pot, but way worse. Before I knew what happened, I came out with this raucous snort-laugh that had everyone looking at me. I had to get up and leave because there was no holding it in after it started.


  15. Sooo late with this, but my worst inappropriate laugh (and there's been a ton) was at a funeral of a friend's father (who I didn't know). BF got me laughing because the female priest looked (and sounded!) just like Gilbert Gottfried and said DEAR LORD or somesuch like she was swearing. I dunno, had to be there, but we were both literally crying with laughter. I tried to disguise it as actualy crying, but I think my shaking shoulders gave me away.


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