Another Week in Paradise

There has been absolutely nothing postworthy about this week. 
I put in 40 ordinary hours at work.  I’ve run 18.5 uneventful miles along my typical routes and biked 45 unexciting minutes at the gym.  I went to the same ol ‘grocery store and cooked a few ho-hum meals.  I did the same mundane housework.  I sat in the same well-worn spot on the couch and watched the usual TV shows.  The only thing NOT ordinary about this week was this:
Snowy sunrise from the back door of my office.

We got about five inches of the prettiest, fluffiest, clingy-est snow I’ve ever seen Tuesday night.  You know, the kind that makes a killer snowball.  That made for a super fun Wednesday afternoon and two super tired dogs!

9 thoughts on “Another Week in Paradise

  1. Sometimes there are remarkable things hidden inside “ordinary.” For example – 18.5 miles of running. Not a lot of people do that in real life. And let's not overlook that well worn spot on the couch.

    Beautiful pic!


  2. I've been thinking about you whenever the weather channel mentions Tennesse… WAAAY better than what I used to think about TN. The ONLY place I've ever gotten a speeding ticket. : )


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