Three Things Thursday – Animal Edition

1.  Harley is having a lot of problems with his tail post-op.  I have had to take him back to the vet a couple of times.  Once just because I thought he had pulled a stitch out.  (He hadn’t.)  And yesterday because he really started just acting like he didn’t feel good.  He was being really pissy with Bella, and I noticed him really guarding his tail.  He wouldn’t wag it or anything.  He just kept it curled up next to his body.  When I made him let me look at it, it was red and swollen.  Not just around the wound either.  From the incision all the way to the tip of his tail.  He was running a fever at the vet’s office, so they gave me another week’s worth of a stronger antibiotic and some pain pills.  We go back tomorrow for a recheck and for suture removal.  He doesn’t seem any better to me today.  It hurts my heart to know that he is hurting.  They did call me back today with the lab results.  The path report showed that it was a histiocytoma.  Completely benign.  Thank God for that.
2.  It is driving Bella crazy that Harley won’t play with her.  She, in turn, is driving us crazy.  It’s cold and snowy and crappy out, so our outside time is limited.  She has a lot of energy to burn off and she’s doing it by getting into EVERYTHING.  She has even found a new place to sleep–in my dining room table.
3.  C.C. has woke me up at approximately 4:00 the past three mornings.  Apparently something has happened during the night that she just couldn’t wait to tell me about because she comes into the bedroom tellin’ it all.  “Meow…. MEOW….MEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!”

15 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Animal Edition

  1. Poor Harley! Thank god it was benign.

    I know the feeling of being woken by incessant “meoooooow”ing. Frida has been a chatty kity lately, which is only cute after the hour of 7:00AM.


  2. Hope Harley starts feeling better soon! I always think it is so bad with animals because it's not like they can tell you what is going on and it's lots of guessing. And, of course, nothing worse than seeing sad puppy dog eyes.


  3. Thinking of you, Harley and Bella today. I also had an animal morning, as the amazing, farting, office dog Louis came in and yarfed up about 3 cups of dog food and 1/2 a gallon of water all over the carpet…I guess that goes into other duties as assigned for my job description.


  4. Sounds like your pets are employing guerrilla tactics in retaliation for the inclement weather. Unfortunately they never seem to understand that we don't control what happens outside the door–we're just the door openers.


  5. Bella sleeping under the table reminds me of one of our cats that MUST get into any and every box we bring home…the smaller the better. “What's that? You got a new pair of running shoes? Thank you very much, I'll be getting in that box now…”


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