The Obligatory 2010 Year-End/2011 Goals Post

Okay, first thing’s first.  Is it “year-end” or “year-in” post?  I’ve seen both, but “year-end” just makes more sense to me, so that’s what I’m going with.

I can’t even begin to say how much better 2010 was than 2009.  I am so grateful because I was long overdue for a really good year!

I honestly can’t do a goals/accomplishments comparison because I really didn’t have any set goals for 2010.  But I’m happy with the way things went down.
On the non-running front, in 2010 …

  • I turned 30.  I know, I know, that’s not exactly something I had any control over, but it was still a pretty big deal!
  • my family was healthy.  I did have to have a lymph node in my neck checked out early in the year to rule out the c word, but praise the Lord, that turned out fine. 
  • I was promoted to Postmaster.  No more money than my supervisor job but LOTS less stress, and that is PRICELESS!
  • we added our newest member to our small furry family.  We adopted Harley from a bully-breed rescue in February.
  • I was baptised.
  • we enjoyed wonderful trips to Cabo San Lucas, Destin, and Las Vegas.
  • we made great strides towards reducing debt.  We no longer own a credit card  Those things are the devil in a little plastic suit.

And in running news, in 2010 …

  • I ran my second and third half-marathons.  I finished my third one 21 minutes faster than my first slightly less than a year prior (21-minute improvement from November 2009 to October 2010).
  • I completed my first only marathon.  Yes, I’m still saying I’m done with those.
  • I ran 710.3 miles.

Considering that I hardly ran at all in January and very little to speak of in May or June and missed SO MANY miles with my knee during the marathon training, all in all, I’m satisfied.

Now for my 2011 goals…

Nonrunning …

  • Be happy.  Simple, right?  I’m cutting ties with the people and things in my life that bring me stress, unhappiness, and drama.  Buh-bye negativity!
  • Further decrease my meat and animal product consumption.  I’ve cut way back on my carnivorous ways the last several months, and I want to continue this trend.  Also, the more I learn about dairy, the more I think I should scale that back too.  I have no desire to become completely vegetarian or vegan, but the benefits of a primarily plant-based diet (for your body, for the environment, and obviously for animals) are inarguable.
  • Decrease unnecessary spending.  Do I REALLY need that new coat?

And running …

  • 1,000 miles.  That’s almost 300 more than I ran this year, but if I stay healthy it’s totally doable.
  • Make more time for cross and strength training.
  • Work on speed.  I would like to see what I’m capable of in the 5K distance, and I would like to be under 2:10 in the half-marathon distance by the fall.

(I hereby reserve the right to delete this post and deny that it ever existed if I fall embarassingly short of these goals.)


19 thoughts on “The Obligatory 2010 Year-End/2011 Goals Post

  1. I'm with you on that “cutting ties with the people and things in my life that bring me stress, unhappiness, and drama.”
    I have been doing that and I love it. Less drama, less stress = happier me and more time for those whom I really care.

    Good luck with your 2011. Looks like you will have a good year. And yes, I hope you will stay in tip top shape so you can achieve all your goals.

    Happy New Year!


  2. LOL – I ALMOST named yesterdays post the “obligatory goals post”, and at the last minute I re-thought it.

    I like your plan to “cut the fat” as I like to call it – get rid of the people who cause you stress – your life will be so much better. And guess what? If you're lucky like me, you'll see an increase in # of positive people who spill into your life.

    1000 miles -YOU can DO IT! And i predict that if you make more time for strength and cross, your 1000 mile goal will just happen.


  3. I'm with you on the cross/strength training! I've cut back on dairy, I switched to almond milk and earth balance vegan butter, and I honestly feel better. Good luck with all your 2011 goals, Happy New Year Chickie!


  4. Happy New Year! Congrats again on your marathon accomplishment in 2010 (and are you sure you won't reconsider running another!).

    I love your be happy goal. That's a tough one for me, but also one that is certain to add more smiles to your days.


  5. I am a little late on commenting but I LOVED this post.
    I am so glad you had such an amazing year…and so many fun trips!!! Great year of running and I want to decrease my meat consumption too!!
    P.S. I want Bella and Harley SO bad!


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