One Lucky Lady

I have been one lucky lady this year in blogland!  I’ve entered my fair share of giveaways and virtual races, and I’ve made off with some pretty awesome loot in the process.

I scored this shirt from Vanilla at Half-Fast (*sniff, sniff*  I sure do miss him who just came out of bloggy retirement like fifteen seconds after I saved this draft.) as a prize in Razz’s GW,MA!6.66M virtual race

Ummm… thanks?  hahaha  This definitely ranks right up there at the top of the list of the ugliest race shirts I’ve ever seen.  But I now have Ian’s autograph, so I shall cherish it forever and always.  Until I sell it on eBay for millions when he becomes a celebrity.  *snicker*

Rad Runner hosted a giveaway for Bradford Tonic, in which I scored a four-pack of their B-Ginger ginger and lime drinks.  Pretty cool because I would have never heard of them otherwise!  No store around here carries them.  Not a big fan of the drink by itself, but it made a great mixer!

The drop-dead-gorgeous and knock-your-socks-off-fast Emz asked everyone for their favorite running tunes and had a prize for the person who suggested the song that became her new favorite. I didn’t win, but I came in a close second, earning me a $15 iTunes gift card!

Bobbie at 2010 Journey in Running hosted a giveaway for Snorg Tees, which I won and picked out this hilariously inappropriate-for-a-chick-to-wear That’s What She Said shirt.

MCM Mama joined the ranks of the Masters this year and hosted a virtual race to commemorate the occasion.  The pity prizes were much better for this virtual 8.25-mile race.  Ian and Razz could learn a thing or two.  She sent me a pair of Wright running socks.
Amanda at RunToTheFinish is always hosting incredible giveaways (and if you didn’t get in on her HBBC, you’re missing out!), and I was lucky enough to win a biggie.  It included a bottle of Salt Stick tabs (which I am hoping will help me out during the summer running months!), this long-sleeve UV Skinz shirt (their web site calls it a swim shirt, but I’ve used the heck out of it running), and lots of stuff from Scape Sunscreen.  I never did a review on any of it, but I would highly recommend all of it! 

Amanda also hosted the PR Challenge in which she matched runners up with others based on their current PRs in a given distance, then we all raced that distance again.  Whoever got the biggest PR in the group WON!  My 8:08 improvement from Nashville in April to Clarksville in October in the half-marathon distance put me in the top spot.  The PR Challenge rules state that the winner was to receive a small prize from her competitors, and Lynn from H20Break sent me this coffee mug.  How cool and generous is that?!  (I saw the price on  If this is her idea of a “small prize” it’s too bad for me the rules didn’t say a “nice gift”!  ha!  Thanks again, Lynn!)

On Thanksgiving, Jen at Setting You Free announced the winner of her iPod Touch, and I was shocked that I was the winner!  (It has since been rehomed, but still.  That pesky utility company thinks you should pay them EVERY month, and Momma needed to pay the utility bill worse than she needed an iPod touch.  And I’m certain my friend’s teenage daughter will take excellent care of it.)
And, most recently, I won these Vintage Retro Shorts from Running Diva Mom.  They haven’t come in yet, so I’m snatching her photo.

With all this luck, how did I NOT come back from Vegas a multi-millionaire???

13 thoughts on “One Lucky Lady

  1. you been drinkin' the egg nog lady? If so keep drinkin'.

    This post rocks. all of it. You are killing that “that's what she said” tee. awesome.

    You are so my favorite and NOT just because you are blind. Soooooooo happy to GET to follow you.

    I know I have sh*t on my nose.

    but for real..


    Merry Christmas!!


  2. What awesome luck!

    I won a bike about six months ago. It's a super nice racing bike that still lives in its shipping box in my garage because my brother keeps swearing he'll put it together. I think 2011 will mark me saying “eff you brother of mine” and taking it to a bike shop.


  3. You are so awesome!
    …and flippin' lucky!

    Now, for 2011 I think you should PAY IT FORWARD and give me some of that lucky juice.

    You look HOT in the THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID top. Totally appropriate, what are you talkin' about!? lol


  4. WOW YOU ARE LUCKY!!! You are seriously the cutest in those shorts…love your outfit. I totally agree with you on the whole metabolism thing…I would be on the couch all day eating chips if I was a boy ha but at least he quit smoking for you:)


  5. Now that I'm creaping back into the blogging world, I found your post on my gift. Hey those who know me, know I won't buy anything unless I can find a good deal on it. So don't worry – I had a coupon! And it was worth if I could just win something!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New 2011!


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