The Aftermath

One week post-marathon and here I sit.  I have felt surprisingly good this week!  After the first couple of days anyway.  When I woke up Monday morning, the day after the race, I felt like I was coming down with something.  I felt nauseated, weak, and my throat kind of hurt.  I guess it was just exhaustion because that passed within a day or so.

My knee?  Good gosh, my knee… Monday was brutal.  I could feel a grinding behind my kneecap, and that was a first.  It’s always just been a pain.  I had never felt the grinding before.  It was incredibly painful.  I also had pain below the kneecap, in that soft spot that you hit to test your reflexes.  That was new too.  It all gradually improved and by Thursday I was walking without a limp.  It still isn’t pain free, but it’s MUCH better.

I still haven’t done much of anything.  I have taken this week to just relax and revel in my sloth.  I plan to add some light cross-training this week and then put the running shoes back on next weekend.  I’ve really enjoyed the break, but I’m ready to get moving again.

And those post-race blues I’ve heard so much about?  I’m still waiting on those!  No sign of ’em yet!

16 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. You did amazing – hopefully the knee will continue to improve.

    I didn't have the post-race blues, so much as the blahs. Just a complete lack of energy that lasted way too long…


  2. Well I'm glad you liked your mug! Just a little something to enjoy over the holidays. Sure do wish I'd ran the race with you. I did it last year – in 5:32. Maybe next year. Looking at the Flying Pig for my next full. Anyway CONGRATS!


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