Ways to Tick Me off on a Tuesday

  1. Snore real loud so you wake me up before my alarm clock goes off.
  2. If you’re a tile bathroom floor, be cold under my bare feet.
  3. If you’re a dog, take you’re time looking for that perfect spot to pee when I let you outside where it’s pouring rain.
  4. Again, if you’re a dog, wait until I’m JUST about to walk out the door to go to work and then decide you didn’t finish your business and ask to go back outside so we have to go through the whole drying off process again.
  5. Bright-light me with your high beams.
  6. Look at me like I’ve grown horns when I tell you to do something that you should be doing anyway.
  7. Call me and ask me how to do something that I’ve told you before how to do.  (And this is someone who has more seniority and a bigger paycheck than I have.)
  8. Come into my office as a customer, think you know more about my profession than I do, and then argue with me when I tell you you’re wrong.
  9. Be perky.
  10. Bill me for an x-ray you didn’t perform.
  11. Don’t return my call.
  12. Come in 30 seconds before closing time to mail 12 packages.
  13. Call my cell phone from an unknown number and then don’t say anything when I answer.
  14. Leave the door to your computer room open and then get mad because a dog goes in there.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but it’s still early.

Have a nice day.

6 thoughts on “Ways to Tick Me off on a Tuesday

  1. “flat rate” can you please explain the meaning/how this works?

    So If I ship today 1st class – they'll get it tomorrow right?

    Why don't you have your Jesus stamps?!


  2. @ Julie – It did get better, thanks!

    @ Adam – lol usually perkiness doesn't bother me. Yesterday, EVERYTHING bothered me.

    @ Kim – That sort of word misuse bugs the crap out of me! But I'm still feeling lazy and don't care enough to change it.



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