Emotional Roller Coaster

I love running.

I hate running.

I’m ready for Vegas.

I’ll never make it to the start line.

After last Saturday’s half marathon, I was feeling great.  The after effects of a new PR, no doubt.  But it didn’t take long for the pain to set in.  I expected it, so I wasn’t too worried about it.  The knee always hurts after a long run.  No surprise there.  In a way I thought it might be a good thing for the sports doc to see me when it’s painful.

So come Monday I went in for the MRI and followed up immediately with the Dr. Sports Dude for the results about an hour later.  The results were the best I could hope for.  Nothing was torn or ruptured or anything.  Nothing structurally wrong with the knee whatsoever.  He diagnosed it as IT band syndrome and gave me a prescription for PT and sent me on my merry way. 

I set up the appointment to begin PT the very next day.  The therapist said that in addition to my tight IT band, my inner quads muscle (the VMO for those familiar) was weak.  The tightness on the outside of the leg combined with the weakness on the inside of the leg is allowing the kneecap to be pulled out of alignment, thus causing my knee pain.  Her plan of action was to stretch the IT band, strengthen the VMO, and do ultrasound therapy on the knee.  And that’s what we’ve done three times this week, plus the at-home stuff she has told me to do on my own.  I’ve been a good little girl all week long.  I rested it (didn’t run a step), did all my stretches and exercises and then some, and have taken probably more anti-inflammatories than I’m supposed to.  And when I was there yesterday, they put Kinesio tape on it to help with my long run today.

My long run.

My 2.27-mile long run.

I’m a pretty tough cookie.  I’m pretty good at tuning out the pain.  But when it feels like your kneecap is being ripped through the skin with every bend of the leg… THAT’s kind of hard to ignore.  By mile 2, I knew that 15 wasn’t going to happen today, so I turned and headed a different direction instead of doing the out-and-back that I had planned.  A quarter of a mile later I was done.  It was unbearable.

So here I sit.  Typing this.  Still in my running clothes because I didn’t even have a chance to break a sweat in them.  Foot propped up on a foot stool because it hurts to sit with my leg bent and my foot on the floor.  An ice pack on my knee trying to dull the pain.  Wondering if I’ll ever see the finish line in Vegas.  Wondering if I’ll ever see the START line in Vegas.  Wondering if noon is too early to start drinking…

17 thoughts on “Emotional Roller Coaster

  1. New reader here! Well, I've actually been reading for a little while but I like to wait to come out until I know I'm going to keep reading. So here I am!

    So sorry to hear about your knee/IT band. I actually said, “Ahhh…” out loud while I was reading the bit about the 2 mile long run, and my husband got all concerned about what was going on.

    Also, I'll be in Vegas! (Only running the half though)

    Also, you should definitely start drinking.


  2. Oh, Pam! Don't give up. Give it some time.. rest. Those 13 days I took off and rested were the HARDEST thing to do.

    I got this girl… you have to keep the faith, give your body a break.

    Praying for fast healing…

    BTW: just to cheer you up, Christy is Bob's sports massage therapist, and he said if I finish, he would give me a session. But shhhhh don't tell anyone else until I reveal it in my blog!

    Love you girl!


  3. Pam, if it's any consolation..this also happened to me. it's funny that we're …

    1. running the same marathon
    2. experiencing pain in the knee and same area too!
    3. That within a short time, our knees started to hurt again during our long run.

    I hope you're still RICE-ing it. I rested for one whole week. no running at all. So will see on monday is I'm really better.

    Can you share some of the exercises your PT asked you to do. I'd like to give them a try if that's ok. =)

    Hang in there, ok? Hugs!


  4. Bobbi almost had it right…

    Number 1 should be that it's never too early to drink.


    I'm thinking of you and hoping the PT starts working it's magic ASAP. Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better…or at least that's what they say. Good luck!


  5. Oh Pam! I am sorry to hear about your knee. I think you made the right decision to have a MRI and have it checked out. The good news is that it is something that can get better. You are doing the right thing by stretching, icing and listening to your body. I have no doubt that you will be crossing the finish line in Vegas! I am sending you healing vibes! I am thinking about you Pammy! Take care of yourself and stay positive:) Hugs!


  6. Thanks for the comment. very sorry to read about your knee issues. I'm leaning towards full rest this week and rolling the dice in the marathon on Sunday. Looks like you've got a little more time to play with, so hopefully the PT will get things sorted out. When I did PT for IT Band issues back in April it took about 4 weeks to get things moving right again.

    Hang in there. I believe knee pain trumps any commonly accepted social norms in terms of drinking times. It has for me at least.


  7. we have all been there and totally relate to exactly what you are feeling!!!

    From an ITB recoverer (is that a word) here, let me tell you give it some rest, do the PT but don't over do it like moi and you will get back at it.

    you may not have exactly the race you wanted with this, but you can get there if you follow the PT's advice


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