Time Out

I’m putting myself in time out.  I’ve been a bad runner.  My body has been telling me, “I need a break,” and I didn’t listen.  Well, I SORTA listened.  I didn’t run my scheduled 5 miles Thursday, but I went ahead with my long run yesterday.

Can we say OUCH??????

I was able to squeeze out 11 (I was only scheduled for 12 anyway) before the pain just got the absolute best of me and I HAD to stop.  It’s not the outer knee/upper shin pain anymore.  I rolled the living crap out of my IT band.  It was super tight.  (Note to self:  Use foam roller as a PREVENTATIVE as it was intended and like you bought it for.)  The rolling seems to have fixed that.

But OMG… the kneecap pain.  The EXCRUCIATING kneecap pain.

I took a butt load of ibuprofen and iced it like crazy last night and it hurt even worse this morning.  I took more ibuprofen and iced again before church, and right now at nearly 6 pm, it is perfectly fine.

But I’m not making the same mistake I made last week.  Last week I was fine by Sunday night so I went ahead with my first two midweek runs.  I’m not doing that this week.

I don’t feel like I am truly INJURED.  If it was a true injury, actual anatomical damage, I don’t think OTC anti-inflammatories and ice would help.  I think something in there has just gotten a little angry.  So I am going to take some time and let my body do what I feel like it’s trying to do anyway:  heal.

I’m taking a week off.  I don’t want to jump back in tomorrow or Tuesday even though I’m pain-free and hit the reset button on any healing that’s taken place so far.

I hate to think of what I’ll lose this week, but I think it’s the smartest thing I can do for my marathon goals.

So I’m going to make the best of this week.  I’m going to work in the yard, clean my neglected house, maybe clean out my clos–  ….

Oh, who am I kidding???  I couldn’t even type that with a straight face!

I just rented the new Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock for five days.

Game on.

13 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. I think you are doing the right thing in listening to your body. I hope the pain subsides soon!

    I laughed at loud at your cleaning out the closet comment. That has been on my to do list for a year. haha.


  2. You'll probably be amazed at how little difference taking one week off will make in your conditioning – but how much better your legs will feel as a result. ENJOY the rest!


  3. Ugg. that sucks. HOWEVER, I had to take a 10 day break for similar reasons during my first marathon training session. Don't get too horribly worried that you won't be able to finish.

    Look towards the end goal


  4. I commend you for listening to your body. You will not regret it. I hope your healing time will bring you messages from your body as to which direction you need to go. May your body alwasy allow you to continue doing that which you most enjoy!


  5. Did I mention that stuff we are using is at least 10 years old and is the HIDEOUS stuff that the ex-wife bought? We haven't had more than a bedframe in 3 years (since we broke the hideous bed – haha). The grease on the wall from our heads/pillows is so gross. I cannot wait for the new furniture to get here! It's WAY overpriced, but i've loved it forever and we have been saving forever…so hopefully I can still afford to buy food. 🙂 Hopefully. Good luck on your search – let me know what you find!


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