Unplanned Rest Day

I mentioned that my knee was sore after my 16 miles Saturday.  A little ibuprofen and by Sunday afternoon it was good as new.

Tuesday afternoon called for 4 miles.  It was cool and I was feeling good, so I decided to kind of push the tempo a bit and see what I could do.  The run was great!  I felt really good while running and set a new 4-mile personal best by quite a bit!  But then later that night that pain came back.  I had talked with a couple of folks and done some research on my own and thought it sounded like runner’s knee.  I bought a knee strap to wear for Wednesday’s 8 miles.  I couldn’t tell it helped whatsoever.  I kept stopping and adjusting it, loosening it, tightening it, raising it, lowering it… I couldn’t find that sweet spot to make it stop hurting.  But the pain still wasn’t bad so I kept going.

I’ve gotta say I didn’t have the postrun pain nearly as bad though.  So maybe the strap did do something.


Today, the outside of my knee (the same one) and upper half of my shin REALLY hurt.  Even when I’m just sitting still it’s just a dull pain with occasional stabbing pain.  Needless to say I will not be running the 5 miles that my schedule calls for tonight.  Instead I will be icing and massaging and stretching.

I called today to get an appointment with a sports doctor.  I called a couple of clinics, and the soonest any of their doctors can get me in is the 20th.  Maybe it’ll be better by then and I can cancel.  Or maybe I’ll have blown my leg completely out by then.  Who knows?  In the meantime I’m gonna just try to play it smart.  I’m hoping I’ll at least be able to get my long run in Saturday.  It’s a step-back week, so it’s only 12 miles.

Here’s hoping.

7 thoughts on “Unplanned Rest Day

  1. Don't know if I've ever gotten on my foam roller soap box on her blog before, so, if I have, I apologize in advance. If not, well, then here's my two cents…

    Get a foam roller! They cost like $20 at a Academy (or whereever). They are giant pieces of cylindrical foam and you lay on it to massage your IT band (the ligament (or tendon – I dunno, I'm not a doctor) that runs from your knee to your hip. It will hurt like a bia the first few times – focus on the parts that hurt the most (watch the video or follow the instructions). I was having “runners knee” problems as well and after spending thousands on physical therapy and acupunture and omg, you name it, I heard about foam rollers. And $20 later, I was cured. I foam roll after most of my runs – a couple minutes each leg and I haven't had ANY knee pain in a year.

    Best $20 you can spend. Worst case scenerio, it doesn't help at all. But dude, it was only $20.

    End rant! Good luck and I hope your knee starts to feel better ASAP!


  2. Hi Pam,
    I really think that you did the right thing by skipping the run. Just take it easy, ice and stretch. Hopefully with a little time…all will be well:) Awesome job on the 16 miler! I remember when I finish my first 16….so happy! Enjoy your week Chica!


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