Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday’s long run of 16 miles went as well as I could have possibly hoped.  It was a CHILLY 40 degrees when I left the house, and I actually broke out the long-sleeved tech gear!  I’ve been waiting to do that since like March.  Such a welcome relief from the summer!

I took off from the house at about 7:15.  I planned to do the 16 in a series of four different four-mile out-and-backs.  Before I left, I staged myself a little oasis on my front porch:  A towel, a cooler of Cytomax, a couple of GUs, Body Glide…you know.  The essentials.

I did the first four miles and was back at my driveway but still felt great and didn’t feel like I needed a drink or anything, so I ran right by my driveway and on to the next four.  At the end of that four, again, I still felt really good and didn’t want to stop, but I knew I’d probably have to before I could complete another four, so I changed it up a bit.  I ran a road that loops back behind some corn fields behind our house for another two miles and made my first pit stop at 10 miles (only the second time I’ve ever been able to run 10 miles with no walk breaks!).

I spent approximately 4 minutes at my house drinking, GUing, peeing, and stretching and took back off.  It is SO HARD for me to get moving again once I’ve stopped!  But I kept plugging along.  I did have to stop by the house once more to get a drink again.  By that time the sun was out in full force and I was working up a good sweat because, remember, I’m in long sleeves.

I finished the 16 miles with a total time of 3:00:50, an average 11:18 pace.  Not breaking any land speed records, but I’ll take it!


Mile 1 – 10:26
Mile 2 – 10:36
Mile 3 – 10:35
Mile 4 – 10:45
Mile 5 – 10:43
Mile 6 – 10:38
Mile 7 – 10:59
Mile 8 – 11:06
Mile 9 – 11:00
Mile 10 – 10:59
Mile 11 – 14:49  <—This is where I stopped off at the house.  I never stop my watch for breaks.
Mile 12 – 11:12
Mile 13 – 11:49
Mile 14 – 12:04  <—A walk/drink break of about 1-1/2 minutes was split between miles 13 and 14.
Mile 15 – 11:46
Mile 16 – 11:19

A few thoughts about the run!

Mint Chocolate GU – YUM!

Cytomax – Does not taste good after a Mint Chocolate GU.  You know how orange juice tastes after brushing your teeth?  Yeah.  It’s something like that.

CEP compression socks – I wore these while running this week.  They did help keep my legs warm, and my calves feel awesome today.  But they rubbed hot spots on both pinkie toes.  Not full-blown blisters, but I’m afraid they would have been if I had run many more miles in them.  I think I’ll put some Body Glide on my toes and try them again for my 18-miler.

Ice bath – BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  But I really do think it helped, as my muscles are not sore today!  At all!

Knee – While running I noticed a few times that I had a twinge of pain in my right knee kind of right beside/behind the medial patella.  It came and went.  Uphill, downhill, flat, it didn’t matter.  Nothing exacerbated it any more than anything else.  It wasn’t severe, just annoying.  And it really didn’t bother me much last night.  Now this morning, it’s pretty sore. I’ve taken ibuprofen and iced it, but there is definite point tenderness to it.  It almost feels like I’ve hit it on something, but I know I haven’t.  It’s not bruised, red, warm, or swollen.  It doesn’t hurt when I’m just sitting still.  It does hurt with walking.  When I stand on my right leg I can squat and rise without pain, but nonweightbearing knee bends are painful.  I can also elicit the pain just by pressing on the medial border of the kneecap.  It’s weird.  Thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Good job on the 16 miles. I would love to have your pace! I like the chocolate mint GU and the orange ones.
    I have no insight to your knee problem. Sorry. I hope someone else will able to provide you with some thoughts on it.


  2. Yay! So happy you had a good long run. The pit-stop at home thing is definitely hard to get going again so kudos to you on that! I don't know about the knee, hopefully it'll go away in a day or two of taking it easy!


  3. nice work!!! When I was training for my first marathon I totally did this too (my loop was 3 miles). It was nice to break things up.

    (Good job getting used to the cytomax – that is ALL RnR has)

    RE: Knee pain. does it hurt going DOWN stairs? If so, you may have runners / jumpers knee. (I only say that because that is what I battle with a lot) Pain will be right behind knee cap – because the lining of the kneecap gets inflamed.


  4. WOO HOO! 16 miles! Good job!

    I'm so excited about cooler weather, esp. now that I'll be walking soon, I can go outside in long-sleeve shirt and not sweat like a pig – beautiful!


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