Three Things Thursday – Florida Edition

1. We are in Destin this week for our annual end-of-summer beach fix. We always take one big vacation early in the summer and then come to Florida for a relaxing week around the end of August or early September. We’re in a great location–just across the street from the water, within walking distance of a grocery, and there’s an awesome boardwalk and bike path spanning the entire length of the beachfront street we’re on. It’s always busy with people walking, running, biking, and skating, so I’ve had a great place to get my runs in this week.
2. I finally did it. Something I said I’d never do. I ditched my shirt during a run. I’ve been sleeping in this week, so it’s been pretty flippin’ hot when I would start my run. About two miles into Monday’s 6 miles (I shuffled my running days and distances around this week), I was MISERABLE. At that point I just didn’t care. I pulled my shirt off and continued my run in all my jiggly glory.  I felt soooooo much better. And who cares if someone didn’t like it? I won’t see them again anyway! And I’ve seen people in far worse shape than I am wearing far less I was!
3. The ocean isn’t very pretty this week. It usually looks like this.

A beautiful, clear, blue-green color and very calm.  This week it’s all lake-water brown with tons of seaweed.  The riptides have been pretty fierce, and I guess that’s got everything all churned up.  It’s all good though!  The sand is still white and the beer is still cold!