Good Genes…Some Got ’em, Some Don’t

I’ve mentioned it here and there before, but let me just put it right out there for you as bluntly as I can.  My husband does NOT make the best lifestyle choices.

1.   He smoked for years (but is now almost three years smoke-free!!!).
2.   He does not exercise–and he will argue with me when I tell him that even though he’s physically active with his job it’s not the same as good ol’ cardio.  (He’s one of those loathsome people who have never HAD to exercise to maintain their physique.  He used to lift weights but hasn’t in years.)
3.   He eats like shit!  McDonalds or bologna and cheese EVERY day for lunch.  And on the nights that I cook something that he deems unfit for his palate (read: vegetables), you’ll find him eating a frozen pizza.  Washing it all down with Coca Cola Classic with Little Debbies for dessert.  That is at least two nights a week.  A couple of nights ago I made curried quinoa with a buttload of roasted carrots, broccoli, and asparagus (I realize that might not all go together, but it was in the fridge and needed to be used up!).  He wouldn’t even try it.  And it was freakin’ delicious, if I do say so myself.

Combine these habits with the fact that his dad and all his dad’s brothers had heart attacks and/or bypass surgeries before their mid-50s, and you can see why I would be concerned.  And why hubby SHOULD be concerned.  But I’ve never been able to get him to take it seriously, or even get a physical for that matter. 

So how happy was I when our insurance agent told us that a physical was mandatory in order to purchase a new life insurance policy!

The agency sent an EMT to the house to check him out real good and draw blood.  We just got the results of his blood work back, and guess what.


Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m ridiculously happy that my husband is healthy and will be around for a looooooooong time to come.  But REALLY???  Not even a little bit of high cholesterol so I can say, “I told you so!”  Not even just a LITTLE glucose in the urine to give me some ground to stand on when I tell him he’s got too much sugar in his diet?

I haven’t had my physical yet, but I’m telling you right now that when I do, if my blood work comes back as being less healthy than his I’m hanging up my running shoes, withdrawing from the marathon, and entering the nearest hot dog eating contest.

7 thoughts on “Good Genes…Some Got ’em, Some Don’t

  1. Ha!! My husband and your husband could be brothers. But keep an eye on him still – my hub's bloodwork didn't show what it should have til he started pushing 40.

    And mine is still less than stellar, even with all the running. But it's better than it was, and I guess that's better than nothing!


  2. I agree with keeping an eye on him. I sat next to a guy at work who ate whatever he wanted, smoked cigars and drank like an Irishman (which he was)…And he had an aneurysm at 36! He survived, but never came back to work.


  3. I have a friend like that. His meals are never anything remotely resembling healthy, and he eats such huge portions? But does he have a spare tire and fat ass? No! He has a startlingly perfect physique. How the hell is that fair? What was it Adam Sandler said…I eat a potato chip and my ass jiggles for a week!


  4. We've got a similar situation in this house too! He will eat what I cook though so that's one plus…but it usually gets washed down with the largest portion of ice cream I've ever seen. I can't get him to get bloodwork done though. Of course, if it came back perfectly healthy I'd never hear the end of it!


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