Looking Ahead by Looking Back

Do any of you guys (especially those of you who are still relatively new to the sport like me) ever look back through your log just to see how far you’ve come? Isn’t it a wonderful feeling??? I did just that tonight.

I went out for a short three-mile run this evening (FIRST OUTDOOR WEEKDAY RUN IN THREE WEEKS! HELLO SUB-90-DEGREE EVENINGS! Until Thursday anyway. It is a very quick break, but a very welcome one!) The heat index was still 89 degrees, but I still set a personal best for myself. It was a good, solid effort, but I didn’t feel like I was killing myself out there. When I was logging the run, I was just browsing back through my old three-mile times from when I started this craziness last summer. They started out in the 12s, then dropped into the 11s, and I distinctly remember the day I broke the 11 min/mile. I was so excited. How endearing… (Sub-9, you WILL be mine by the end of the year.)

It’s a good feeling to look behind me to see how far I’ve come. It makes me excited about moving forward and continuing to improve and grow stronger and faster. I have consistently surprised myself over the past year, and I can’t wait to see what I still have in store for myself.

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