11 thoughts on “May I Have Your Opions, Please… 2nd edition

  1. Just started experimenting with Nuun… while I like the concept behind the product & their earth-friendly message, drinking fizzy, carbonated drinks while running is odd to me. It does force me to sip the drink though, instead of chugging (= sideaches) when it's plain water or Gatorade. Not sure about Accelerade. I've never done Cytomax because I don't do dairy or dairy byproducts.

    CEP! Definitely!! I did a review on them earlier — definitely worth the money.

    My fave bra is Moving Comfort (Fiona style). I am a bit (okay, WAY) larger in the bra department, and I have found that they work well for me.



  2. I like Accelerade… haven't tried recovery socks yet (though I want to)… haven't tried a sports bra either, although with all this sweat and nipple chafing I might have to!


  3. I prefer nuun

    And I was about to do the same thing w/ the sports bra… so thanks. My Fiona's aren't fitting any more. I (um) shrank- shrunk? this year (TMI??) and so now I'm suffering.


  4. I'd say cytomax but I've never tried nuun.
    I have never tried recovery socks. I'm holding out to win a pair *HUGE eye roll* 😉

    I ONLY wear “Nike sans couture seammless dry fit bras” [have to buy them on eBay [yay!] as they are discontinued. *tears*

    Oh and I LOVE THE NEW PHOTO [profile] 🙂


  5. BTW, a TRUE car person knows it's CamAro, not CamEro….. Oh.MY.GOD. *hangs head in EXTREME shame* (BTW – I thought of you when I posted that picture). It'll go 50 in 1st…..and 98 in 6th @ less than 2000 rpm while being chased by a tornado.

    Accelerade vs. Cytomax vs. nuun
    Cytomax given those options. Gatoraid is cheaper cause you can buy it at walmart in the huge powder tub 🙂 I don't like Nuun because it doesn't have any cals. BUT, if that is a good thing for you (it isn't for me), I'd vote for that.

    CEP vs. Recovery Sock: I REALLY hate to say it, but CEP. Even though they are 2x the price. They seemed a bit more snug – and I like how they go by calf size – since that is where they are doing their 'work'. You entered my contest, right??? right??

    And, ladies, tell me your favorite sports bra!
    Hehe, you said bra.


  6. hmmm…I think Cytomax tastes like sock, but I haven't tried the other stuff. They had Cytomax at the RNR Vegas last year so I tried it and decided to skip it entirely and just do water and GU. I did just fine.
    Again, I'm minimalist about the socks too…I've never used em…OK really my problem seems to lie in the “there are no stores that sell this stuff around here” area.
    I have a love/hate relationship with the Frog Bra from Title 9…total masher, but the girls DO NOT move…even when flipping off rednecks..


  7. I typically use Hammer products because they are easier on my stomach, predominantly HEED and their gels. Recovery Socks are good for the price, but in the long term CEP seems to do a better job..


  8. This survey is pretty over my head.

    I have mostly Activa sports bras. I like them b/c they are spaghetti strap. I can't stand the thick straps. I'm pretty sure there are better options in terms of support though… I LOVE my Nike tanktop with the built in sports bra. The material stays dry and its more comfortable than layering a tank over a sports bra 🙂


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