Sweaty Bands Review & Giveaway!

A couple of posts ago I asked you guys what makes running suck less for you. I got lots of good tips and a few ideas of things to try! Thanks for those! When running long any miles, comfort is of the utmost importance to me. I want something that doesn’t rub, bounce, slip, scratch, chafe, tickle, shift, or annoy me in any way.

Friends, I have found one of those things.

It’s hard to find a product that performs as well as the manufacturer claims, but Sweaty Bands does just that.

What Sweaty Bands says about their product:

“We’ve turned perspiration into a fashion sensation! Sweaty Bands are the ultimate sports and fitness headband, uniquely designed for women and girls who want to show their style, even when they sweat a while! Slip into one today and become a Sweaty Bands believer.”

What I say about Sweaty Bands:

“Yeah. What they said.”

I saw several reviews on this product and tried to win one in a few giveaways but never got quite that lucky. So this tight-wad came off a few bucks and ordered one. I’m tellin’ ya, one run and I was hooked. With my other stretchy headbands, I was constantly having to readjust because it would ride higher and higher until it was eventually just coming off the back of my head. I didn’t have to touch my Sweaty Band a single time. NOT. ONCE.

So it’s functional AND cute! Just look at this. How could you NOT want one?

And here’s your chance!

After receiving and trying my purchase, I emailed the gals at Sweaty Bands and asked them if they would be interested in letting me host a giveaway. They agreed. How cool are they?!

I checked my PO box today, saw a package from Sweaty Bands, opened it up, and they had sent me not one but TWO bands for the giveaway! I’ll admit the thought of pocketing one of them DID cross my mind! But I once heard a very wise man say, “Stealing is bad, m’kay?” I COULD give them both away now, but why blow your whole wad in one shot? I’ll tuck one back and save it for a rainy day. I’ll have a 100th post coming up before too long. That sounds like a giveaway-appropriate occasion to me!

Here is the one that I am giving away now:

Here’s how to enter!

1. Go to www.sweatybands.com and look around. Come back and leave a comment. What’s your favorite one? Mine was the hot pink one (obviously), but there were a bunch more that I really like.
2. Like Sweaty Bands on facebook and leave me a comment letting me know that you did (+1 entry).
3. Spread the word! Give a shout out to this giveaway on your blog (+1 entry).
4. Mention my gigantic ears (-1 entry).

Feel free to become a follower, but it’s not mandatory and it won’t gain you any extra entries. I’m not trying to build a cult or an army of followers here or anything. (Trust me. When I start building my army, you’ll know it. But it will consist of more ninjas and superheroes than bloggers.)

And, guys, don’t be scared to enter! Get it for your wife or your daughter. They will love it! Or wear it yourself. Whatever floats your boat.

Fine print & Disclaimer: Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm on July 19th. A winner will be chosen by random.org shortly after. If you’re not a follower, check back to see if you won! If I haven’t heard from the winner by the 24th, I will select another winner. Open to U.S. residents only. I did buy my Sweaty Band and formed my own opinion, but I was given this band free of charge to host a giveaway.

43 thoughts on “Sweaty Bands Review & Giveaway!

  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this because I was just looking at their site thinking I wanted to get one … (getting tired of wearing a hat). I still am a little skeptical, though, in how it catches sweat because I sweat a lot! Could it be enough? I'm not sure I want to fork over the dough to simply experiment. So, I would LOVE to enter your giveaway to prove my skepticism wrong! 🙂

    I was on their site and also am a fan of all things pink. 🙂 One entry for me, please!


  2. Ashley

    I recently checked out sweaty bands website…they look super cute but I don't know if I'm ready to spend the money. I really like the polka dot ones or any solid color.
    I also liked them on facebook!


  3. I looked all over the site, and there are so many I love. I think my faves are the Peace bands, and probably gold metallic. And the reflective bands, as the drivers where I live can be a bit, ahem, sleepy…


  4. Hooray! 20 push-ups is great! I ended up doing 31 during my initial test yesterday (amazingly my core and legs gave out before my arms did!! i think i need to work on that at the same time… yikes), but I can't move my arms today!! Ha!

    I am thinking of starting the 6-week plan on Monday, but then … how to keep up my strength until Christmas?! We are going to have the best arms in town!

    Can I get another entry in your sweaty band giveaway for “push”ing you to do something new?! ;P



  5. I too broke down and bought one. I just had to see for myself what everyone was gabbing about. I got the White Reflective. I get some of my runs when the sun isn't up so I thought it would be benefitial as well as fashionable.


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