Too Short

No, not the rapper dude. MY BANGS.

I’m only three weeks out from my last haircut, but my bangs were getting a little too long. I considered trimming them myself, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get it right. So I called up my stylist yesterday and asked her if she could trim them for me after work.

PSHT!!! I’d have been better off doing it myself.

I don’t know what this girl had on her mind yesterday, but it obviously wasn’t my bangs! And she has always does such a good job…

When she stepped away from between me and the mirror, I was like, “Whoa!!! Got ’em a little short there, didn’t ya?”

And she was all, “Well I can’t put ’em back!”

*SIGH* No. You can’t. If you could, we’d be sweeping the floor right now.

So it’ll be lots of headbands and ballcaps for me for the next few weeks.

Strike one for the stylist.

6 thoughts on “Too Short

  1. what… no picture?!?

    the bright side is that you won't have to get a hair cut for a while now, which is a good thing because it sounds like you and your stylist could use a little time off.


  2. Well, look on the bright side…sounds like your bangs grow quickly! 🙂

    I made a last minute decision to get my hair trimmed this week and went to a walk-in place. As I was getting it cut, there was a man behind me getting a cut. When the girl claimed she was finished, he said…”I sure hope your not done”. I guess it was completely uneven…so glad I was in the chair I was and need to remember to make the regular appointment from now on!


  3. Hi Pam,
    This is one of my biggest fears…having the stylist cut my hair too short! You must post a picture, perhaps we will not think it as bad as you do:) The good news is that it will eventually grow back:) Hang in there Pam!


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