I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts this past week. From running, from blogging, from doing just about anything enjoyable. It’s been a craptastic week. Lots of long hours at the office, including one 13-hour workday doing a city route inspection in Memphis on a 10-mile walking route in the 106-degree heat. I’m not fussing about the route or the heat. I did it one day. These peeps do it 5 and 6 days a week! My only gripe is that I’m salary, so I basically donated 5 hours of my time.

I haven’t run since last Saturday morning, when I got up at the buttcrack of dawn to beat the heat and did 6 miles. I’ve just been pulled in so many directions, and it’s been so miserably hot (we were under a heat advisory the vast majority of the week), and I really just haven’t felt good physically (TMI alert! You know that thing most ladies do once a month? Yeah, I do it about once a year, and when I do it’s a BITCH. It just takes a lot out of me, and I’ve been dealing with that this week), and well honestly my heart just was not in it.

Things are looking up now though! Hubby and I went out last night with my Vegas marathon running partner and her husband, and talking about the race has really got me super excited to get back into training. I still was not quite there physically today. I actually slept good portion of the day. But I’m feeling a little spunkier tonight, so hopefully I’ll be ready to hit the pavement in the morning before church. I’m at least gonna get out there and I’ll just play it by ear and run as much as my body will allow.

There WAS one thing that happened this week that I feel I should share. Because what good is it making an idiot of yourself if you don’t tell everyone about it and let them get a good laugh at your expense?

I drove to Memphis Wednesday evening because I had to be there early Thursday morning and it’s a 2.5-hr drive. I got a hotel recommendation from the inspection team leader and made a reservation for the Homewood Suites on Poplar Avenue. I’m not familiar at all with the area, so I just GPS’d it. I was listening to the directions, and when it said “Arriving at destination on left.” I looked to the left and saw a sign that said Homewood Suites and cut into the parking lot. I parked the truck, grabbed my bag, and went into the lobby where I told the lady behind the desk that I was there to check and that I had a reservation under French. She typed something on her computer and said, “I don’t have anything under French.”
Me: blank stare
Clerk: Could it have been put under another name?
Me: No.
Clerk: Maybe it was misspelled. What is your first name?
Me: Pam
Clerk: *typing* No, ma’am, I’m sorry, I don’t have a reservation under that name. Do you have your confirmation number?
Me: Yes, I do. It’s written on a notepad at home on my sofa table 150 miles northeast of here.
Clerk: Do you remember when you made your reservation?

***phone rings***

Clerk: Can you hold on for just one moment? *answers phone* Thank you for calling Holiday Inn. How can I help you?
Me: *put credit card back in wallet, put wallet back in purse, and stand there laughing*
Clerk: (Now off phone) I’m sorry. Do you remember when you made your reservation?
Me: *shaking head and laughing* You just answered my question and made me feel like an idiot all at the same time.
Clerk: *puzzled look*
Me: When you answered the phone, you said, “Thank you for calling Holiday Inn.” My reservation is at Homewood Suites.
Clerk: *laughs hysterially*

But really. Who can blame her?

10 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. LOL. I'm sure you made her day. I've locked myself out of my hotel room 5 minutes after checking in. Two of my friends went to the wrong hotel on New Years. I'm now curious what they see on a daily basis. Hotel receptionists probably have tons of knee slappers.


  2. I once had a lady come into Petsmart, walk up to me at my register, and lay her phone down on the counter. She then proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with her phone, and about how she should still be under warranty, and that she just wanted a replacement. I just kinda looked around like, “Really??” And then I told her that the Sprint store was next door. I'm pretty sure she felt very stupid. For real? It's a Petsmart!! The only thing about it that even remotely resembles a phone store is that it's indoors… Yeah, so walking into the wrong hotel is nothing…


  3. I had a similar work day last week. 15 hours in front of a computer is no fun (& I'm salary, too). Anyway, best way to get back into training is to lace up and hit the pavement. Hope you got your run in this morning! If for nothing else, then for sanity's sake 😀 I'm on my way out right now…


  4. Hi Pam,
    Yea, I have had kind of a freaking crazy week too! Work has been nuts, home has been crazy and I am just tired!

    OHG, the hotel thing is something that I could see myself doing:) Thanks for making me laught…you always make me laugh! Damn it, it is a bummer you don't live in Minnesota! Take care Chica!


  5. Sorry to hear about the rough week. I hope you're getting back in to the swing of things now!

    Your hotel story really does sound like something that would happen to me. Two summers ago I was on a research trip to Mexico and I booked my hotel for the wrong dates. When I showed up, they were like, huh? Eventually it got sorted out and it worked out okay, and they didn't charge me any extra.


  6. I'm glad we got to hang out for sure, it has made me excited all over again!!! I know you had a sucky week, but hey, you got to meet up with some really cool people on Friday night!!! Oh yeah, the hotel thing, hil-freakin'-larious!!!


  7. HA!!! Yeah, I think we've all done the hotel thing. I've always said that it SURE doesn't help that they put them all in a big cluster. How are we supposed to be able to tell them apart!


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