This post is dedicated to many of my fellow bloggers. (You know who you are.) The ones who post pictures of themselves after races, and they’re all “Oooooo, look at me, I just ran a marathon and I don’t have a hair out of place, my mascara didn’t run, and my cheeks are just barely flushed.”


THIS is what four miles in a 97-degree heat index looks like!

How else are you supposed to know you accomplished something???

10 thoughts on “Smmmmmmmmmmokin’!

  1. Hey now… the only reason my hair wasn't out of place was because I had a billion bobby pins and braids in it. My mascara didn't run because I wasn't wearing anyway. And my cheeks weren't flushed because that was photoshopped out. πŸ™‚

    Looks like you had a killer workout — great job! I love the feeling of having a solid, hard workout where you establish camaraderie with the few others who are out braving the elements! Though, in Minnesota, that usually happens in the dead of winter rather than the summer. πŸ™‚



  2. Great pic…. I look awful and usually post a pre-race pic. I love the sweat marks on your shirt from behind!

    I also do not run in makeup, so I never have mascara on. LOL!


  3. I love this! SOOOOOOOO me! After I run – you would KNOW I was running. I never wear make-up to run . . it makes me get breakouts just thinnking about it!

    The back photo —- sorry the first thing I thought of was that it looks like a thong [underwear]upside-down. love it.


  4. Am I the only one wondering what fancy bathroom you are gracing with your (sweaty) presence?

    I finish a run, I look like death (not even warmed over), mouth flapping, face red as a beet and make up? Yeah, right.


  5. Hi Pammy,
    Whatever…I freaked out when I saw how crappy I look in a few of those pictures! My hair is all crazy and looking very wind blown:( You are right about A….she was cute as a bug and did not look like she flipping just ran a marathon!

    Holy moly, I do not think that I could survive running in TN! I suck with the heat and humidity!

    BTW, I think that your hair looks very cute…love the back:)

    Have a good one! Oh, and I got something in the mail yesterday:) Thank you!


  6. Ha!! I love this! I look like this all the time, I ran 4 miles this morning and it was so humid (for Virginia anyway) and I looked similar to this pic (without the whole thong on my back…lol) I sweat like a 300 lb man, but I love it (most days) makes me feel like I actually did something productive!! Keep up the good work, we have a marathon to run for goodness sakes!!!


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